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Zoom Whitening Vs. Brite Smile

Which is better, Zoom whitening or Brite Smile? Which one lasts longer? READ MORE

Zoom Whitening Pain

I plan to go on zoom 2 treatment and I was looking forward until I read some comments that stated the after effects are painful. What can I... READ MORE

Permanent Zoom Teeth Whitening

Will Zoom whitening remove brown stains from the top and bottom of my teeth? Will they start to reappear after a certain amount of time? READ MORE

Zoom Whitening Instructions

Will I have to have the zoom whitening done more than once? READ MORE

Is Zoom Teeth Whitening the Best for Dental Whitening?

My dentist offer a treatment called zoom. Would you recommend zoom dental whitening or are there better treatments? READ MORE

Difference Between Zoom & Laser?

Dear Sir/Madam, hope this mail finds you well i would like to know the difference between Zoom & Laser and which one is safer for the teeth and... READ MORE

Best Teeth Whitening Methods for Sensitive Teeth?

Is Zoom or Brite Smile a better in-office whitening method for very sensitive teeth? Feel free to suggest other methods that produce professional... READ MORE

Zoom Whitening Work on Porcelain Veneers?

If you have porcelain veneers on two front teeth, can you use the Zoom teeth whitening? If not, is there anything one can use to whiten all... READ MORE

I Have Naturally Yellowish Teeth and Want to Whiten Them?

I don't drink tea/coffee/wine and I don't smoke so my teeth aren't stained. I don't know if I should use the trays you take home or use the zoom!... READ MORE

Candidate for Zoom Whitening After At-home Teeth Bleaching?

Why can't you have Zoom teeth whitening if you have already done home bleaching given by the dentist? My teeth never really got that white from home... READ MORE

Zoom Whitening Candidate if Cracked Teeth and Cavities?

I Have Several Cracked Teeth and Several Cavities. Would I Be A candidate for Zoom Whitening READ MORE

Teeth whitening, with chipped and repaired tooth?

I want to get zoom teeth whitening, but my front tooth was chipped and repaired, you can't tell the difference now, but what will happen if I get... READ MORE

Yellow Teeth After Chemotherapy Treatments

The chemotherapy treatments ended in feb. 2010. My teeth are now yellowish and more sensitive than before. Will the zoom treatment help, I am... READ MORE

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