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What Causes the Bright White Spots on Teeth

I just had 4 - 15 minute zoom whitening sessions this morning and 2 of my teeth just got a bright white spot on them. Looks worse than before the... READ MORE

Zoom Whitening Side Effects

I had the ZOOM teeth whitening procedure done and I am convinced that I am going to need a gum graft after it heals. I was well protected during the... READ MORE

After Having the Zoom Treatment Done by a Dentist, What is the Food/drink Protocol?

After trying Brite Smile I was told to eat and drink only "white" foods and beverages for 24 hours, until the dentin is restored. Is it the... READ MORE

Post Zoom Whitening, What Can I Do to Alleviate the Pain?

I had my teeth whitened today at my dentist (Zoom Whitening,3 15 minute sessions). I was not warned or cautioned about any symptoms afterwards.... READ MORE

Blistered Gums from Zoom Whitening?

I had Zoom teeth whitening 3 days ago. Apparently, some solution seeped under the protective gum coating and left a nasty burn on my gums. It now... READ MORE

Teeth Color Dullness with Yellow Tinge After Zoom Whitening

I had Zoom whitening done. My results were instant and I was very happy with the level of whitening achieved. It was a bit painful that night and have... READ MORE

Can Zoom Teeth Whitening Cause Cracks on Teeth?

Can you get cracks on your teeth after Zoom whitening since having it done? I have now noticed fine cracks on both top and bottom teeth that I hadn't... READ MORE

Can Olive Oil, Eggs, Brown Rice, or Oatmeal Stain Teeth if Eaten the Same Day of Xoom Bleaching?

I just did Xoom bleaching but accidentally ate brown rice with olive oil, butter, oatmeal, butter, and eggs and wanted to know if they might have... READ MORE

Swollen Upper Lip - Zoom Whitening Side Effect?

My upper lip is beyond severly swollen and getting worse. the dentist is prescribing benadryl. she said, she has never seen it this bad and assured me... READ MORE

Enamel Erosion After ZOOM Whitening

I had a Zoom whitening procedure in late February, and have noticed my teeth are becoming more and more transparent. I noticed the transparency at the... READ MORE

I Feel Cheated. Zoom! Whitening

I just spent $365 to do zoom!, but my dentist just do 1 15mins zoom!, i didn't see any different in my teeth. then when i have a talk with him... READ MORE

Smoking after teeth whitening?

Last month i have gone for zoom teeth whitenining and was able to get my teeth 6 shades lighter. Now to achieve more i have ordered at home bleaching... READ MORE

At-Home Zoom Whitening Trays - Additional Cost?

When i have paid to have zoom whitening and the dentist recommends home tray treatment as well, do i have to pay for that as well ? READ MORE

Treatment Advice for a Chemical Burn from the Zoom Whitening Procedure

She has a pretty bad burn on the inside of her lower lip. Its about 2 inches long and half an inch wide. White skin, a few bubbled blisters, etc.... READ MORE

Had Zoom Whitening: Is 2 Times Lighter Shade Achieved All That is Possible?

Paid £695 for Zoom Treatment result is two shades lighter only. I am having crown done and am worried about the matching shade will be poor... READ MORE

Zoom Teeth Whitening System Discoloration

What is the impact of Zoom whitening on teeth that have exposed to acidic (apple juice) drinks and have become discolored? The color of the teeth is... READ MORE

Zoom whitening chemical burns on my gums. How long until it heals? (photos)

I had zoom teeth whitening a week ago. Some of the bleach get on my gums and caused whitening on those spots. The first couple days following the... READ MORE

I Have a Brown Spot on my Gums After Zoom Whitening, What is It?

Yesterday I had Zoom Whitening and I'm starting to notice a brown spot between my two front teeth and its sore. It looks like I have food stuck... READ MORE

How Long After Zoom Procedure Can I Not Drink Dark Liquids?

How Long After Zoom Procedure Can I Not Drink Dark Liquids? READ MORE

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