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Non-surgical Laser That Will Literally Melt Fat (Inches) in 2 Weeks?

On twitter Zerona is marketing their laser device by saying "If you need to lose inches fast, try Zerona! It is a non-surgical laser that will... READ MORE

Why Don't More Doctors Do Zerona Laser Surgery?

Why aren't there much doctors who do Zerona laser surgery? Is there a danger to liver or gall bladder in the elimination of fat? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Stomach Fat Without Surgery?

I am 17 years old and weigh around 130 lbs at 5'5". As a child, I was heavier and as a result, I have stomach fat or as some like to call it, a... READ MORE

Is Zerona Laser Treatment Painful?

Does it hurt to get Zerona laser lipo? It seems to me the laser would burn if it is literally melting fat inside you. Do you need anesthesia for... READ MORE

Does Fat Distribute Differently After the Zerona Procedure?

What made me stay away from regular liposuction is the long term results. Almost everyone I know who has had lipo ended up with the same problem, the... READ MORE

Will Zerona Affect my Gymnastics Workout?

I am interested in Zerona for abdomen fat. I wanted to know how long it lasts and if it will affect my ability to do gymnastics. How much does it... READ MORE

Zerona for Abdominal Fat?

Would a Zerona procedure be better for removing abdominal fat than a Vaser liposuction procedure? READ MORE

Why Do Physicians Continously Lie About Zerona when It Underwent the Only Level 1 Study?

I just read Dr. Persky's comment that Zerona does not penetrate. Yet, I watched a young gentleman from the company completely dismantle his... READ MORE

How Does Zerona Make Fat Cells "Leaky" and Not Other Cells in the Body?

How does the laser differentiate between fat cells and say blood cells? READ MORE

Is There Any Risk of Zerona Causing MS? Does It Affect Fat (Myelin Sheaths) on Nerve Cells?

Since not all fat is bad, especially fat needed for nerve conduction, I was curious if anyone had any information or knew of any research findings... READ MORE

Where Does Fat Go After Zerona Laser?

When having the Zerona treatment on the stomach, does it get at the fat in the omentum and how does it get eliminated? Does it get excreted through... READ MORE

What Are the Side Effects of Zerona?

I am considering Zerona laser fat removal. Research indicates that it works by liquifying fat cells which then flush out of the body. Is there... READ MORE

What Happens to the Liquified Fats? Am I a Candidate if on Medication for High Blood Pressure?

Where does it goes? Does it comes back? Will it cause high blood pressure? Will ZERONA treatment be possible for a 48 year old male who currently... READ MORE

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