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Does Fat Distribute Differently After the Zerona Procedure?

What made me stay away from regular liposuction is the long term results. Almost everyone I know who has had lipo ended up with the same problem, the... READ MORE

Risk of Fat Embolism from Zerona Treatment?

Since Zerona is supposed to promote fat loss through the interstitial space, I am wondering if there is a risk of fat embolism associated with this... READ MORE

Does a Sluggish Adrenal Gland Affect Zerona Results?

I've seen this chiropractor who offers zerona treatmens,after only 1 treatment,& on the 2nd office visit I was measured. there werent... READ MORE

I'm Planing on Doing 12 Zerona Sessions and Have a Question?

I just finished my 3rd session and seeing the results( actually I felt and saw results from 1st time),but due to my travel schedule I can only do up... READ MORE

Zerona - How Do Fat Cells Reach Lymph Nodes?

With a Technology Like Zerona How Are the Fat Cells Actually Transferred to the Lymph Nods? I wonder of there is a risk of necrosis with dead fat... READ MORE

Can zerona laser treatment mess up my bbl?

I am nearly 12 weeks post op bbl and just got Zerona treatments on my arms . I noticed that the laser removed all throughout my body and some places... READ MORE

Lymph Massage After Zerona - is It Necessary?

I'm scheduled for the Zerona Laser consult next weeek and will get the Niacin pills and exercises. However, they do not give the lymph massage... READ MORE

Side Effects of Zerona While Pregnant?

I had my Zerona treatments about 3 weeks ago and then i surprisingly found out yesterday that i was pregnant. What kind of issues may arise with my... READ MORE

What NOT to Do on Zerona? Can I Have A Few Drinks?

Ok im on the Zerona treatments. Ive been doing well on my diet & alcohol intake. Can i sneak a few drinks on the weekend? I am not on any... READ MORE

Will Continue Taking Curva After Zerona Sessions Help in Weight Loss?

Will Continue Taking Curva After Zerona Sessions Help in Weight Loss READ MORE

No Improvement w/ Zerona (12 Treatments) - Why?

I have tried Zerona tx for more than 12tx but there is no improvement,why?? but the dr told me that i never follow his ridiculous diet &... READ MORE

Could my 9 Zerona Treatments Have Compromised my Trochanteric Bursa? I Now Have Bursitis.

I asked for the treatment to concentrate on my "fat pad", but always, the 4 arms of the zerona machine pointed at my hips - especially the area of the... READ MORE

What Happens to the Zerona-treated Fat if It's Not Flushed?

I have had 10 Zerona treatments and no reduction at all. I feel like the fat in my thighs has changed density so I think the cells have expelled their... READ MORE

How Many Inches from Zerona Laser to the Patient in Treatment?

I am having zerona treatment, I want to know the distance between the zerona laser and my body? I feel like its to close can you let me know thankyou Pam READ MORE

Will the texture of my skin change after Zerona?

Will soft pliable feeling skin tighten up again? On 10th tx my stomach became loose like a full motion waterbed and now 4 weeks later its still that... READ MORE

I'm doing Zerona and find out that I'm 3 weeks pregnant.

I had my Zerona treatments about 1 weeks ago and now I found out that i am pregnant. What kind of issues may arise with my pregnancy due to the... READ MORE

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