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Can ND Yag Non Ablative Laser at 1064nm Cause Scarring?

Can the nd yag laser which is non albative cause any type of scarring? What are the vast sides of this laser? Can people who have had keloid scarring... READ MORE

How Do I Make Redness from Erbium Laser Go Away?

I had an erbium laser treatment on a scar on my lower arm. Since the treatment, my skin has been red around my scar for the last 4 months. Would aloe... READ MORE

Erbium Yag Laser for Scar Removal on Nose?

The scar is about 10mm long, and 5mm wide. I didn't get stitches, (because I never went to the hospital!) so healed while the wound was open. This... READ MORE

Chances of Scarring from Erbium for Fine Lines?

Can Erbium laser treatment leave scarring if performed by a board certified PS? I am 29 and have fine lines under my eyes and even loose skin when I... READ MORE

Nd YAG Laser for broken capillaries - indented scars after treatment (Photo)

Hello, 3 month ago I had Nd YAG laser for broken capillaries on my cheek. I now have an indented scar instead... The doctor said he may have put the... READ MORE

Hypopigmented upper right lip (Vermillion border) after Yag Eribium with I Pixel Laser. (Photo)

Hey, It's been 21 days since I had Yag Eribium laser with I pixel done on my upper right lip. I did it to remove a small scar that was inbetween my... READ MORE

Erbium Yag Laser? (UK)

History I have two old scars on my legs. This year I had 2 sessions of semi permanent medical tattoos done to try and camouflage them. The treatment... READ MORE

Indented scar after YAG laser for an angioma, what can I do? (photos)

Had a YAG laser treatment for a small angioma on the cheek. The derm set it too strong, now I'm left with this indented scar. It was in september.... READ MORE

Regarding Erbium Yag laser and fat filler. (Photo)

I underwent 13 sittings . But doctor said he will be doing one more sitting with 190 joules/cm2 in erbium. After that fat filling. Is this will be... READ MORE

Will YAG laser (1064nm Nd) cause dent scar on face? Having acne pigmentation. After YAG laser face become dent surface (Photo)

Do 2 YAG laser treatment in 3 months. Causing dent scar on all pigmentation surface. Is this normal? READ MORE

Does full face erbium laser affect very mild scars and pits that have depth of 0.5mm and Skin texture?

Chemical peeling done from a week and have no results on scars Those scar I have five months ago What I expect and what is the side effect? 25 y READ MORE

Post cystic acne scars and recommended treatments? (photos)

I think practies in country near me has Er YAG . I sow that e matrix or ETwo is only recommended for early scars and that series of 5 treatment is... READ MORE

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