Redness + Yag Laser

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What Are the Potential Side Effects of Gentle:YAG on Face for Redness?

I've had 2 pulsed dye laser treatments with little success. My doctor suggested that I consider the Gentle:YAG. He mentioned blistering is... READ MORE

V beam or Nd Yag laser for red acne scars and brown hyper pigmentation that appears following an acne lesion?

I had red acne scars left on my cheeks after I started to have acne on my face since my teenage years. These red scars and also some brown hyper... READ MORE

Is Nd Yag Laser Better Option Than Mosaic HP for Asian Skin?

My age is 40 plus. Skin condition is good, with slightly enlarged pores, melasma, slight sagging, and few wrinkles. Which of the above mentioned 2... READ MORE

Can Yag Laser get rid of the leaked blood around the broken capillaries?

I'm going to get a yag laser treatment in two weeks, and i was wondering could it get rid of the blood surround the broken capillaries? I have redness... READ MORE

After a Yag Laser to remove blood vessel under right eye, I have mild ectropion and lower right lid retraction. Can this be fix?

Had yag laser to remove blood vessel under right eye. After the procedure severe dry eye and redness developed. I know my eye isn't shutting properly... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for skin lesion/dermtofibroma? (Photo)

I'm not sure what this skin lesion is, I went to many dermatologists one doctor tolled me that its benign skin lesions and advised me to either... READ MORE

How Do I Make Redness from Erbium Laser Go Away?

I had an erbium laser treatment on a scar on my lower arm. Since the treatment, my skin has been red around my scar for the last 4 months. Would aloe... READ MORE

Still Red 10 Days After IPL and YAG - How Much Longer Will I Be Red?

IPL was done on small,raised scar on cheek.I have fair skin, red undertones, get red easily.Have a high tolerance for painful facial treatments &... READ MORE

Sciton ClearScan for Broken Capillaries and Diffuse Redness?

I am wondering if the Sciton ClearScan (which I understand to be an nd:YAG laser) is particularly effective for broken capillaries on the face as well... READ MORE

Q-Yag for Brown Spots Caused Permanent Redness on my Cheeks

About 6 months ago I had 2 Q-Yag Laser treatments for brown spots on my cheeks. One treatment at 560 and the other at 1040. Left me sightly red. Had... READ MORE

Which is safe for superficial pigmentation: 532nm or 1064nm? (photos)

Had 532nm ndyag laser done on me for my light pigmentation and freckles on midface for the first time. Immediately post laser had mild redness and... READ MORE

Eruption and redness 4 weeks after erbium laser? (Photo)

4weeks ago ive done erbium laser resurfacing for some acne scars .. it went somehow well and yesterday only redness was left .. last night i uses... READ MORE

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