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Dark Spots After Yag Laser Treatment

I got dark spots after a Yag laser tightening treatment. I never had dark spots before. Now I have dark areas on my face. Why did this happen and what... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Recent Scars Caused by Blistering from Yag Laser Treatment? (photo)

I had my first Yag laser treatment for broken capillaries 3 weeks ago, and the dermatological laser surgeon focused greatly on the ones beside my... READ MORE

Nd Yag Laser for Broken Capillaries - Potential Scarring, Very Concerned?

2 days ago I had Nd yag laser for broken capillaries on each side of my nose. After the procedure I had two small hard blisters, filled with liquid.... READ MORE

Nd-yag Vs Er-yag for Under Eye Fine Lines?

Im 34 years old, and have quite prominent fine lines undereye, especially much more when i smile or laugh. my doctor recommended nd-yag laser for my... READ MORE

Is Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Safe in Treatment of Benign Small Aquired Flat Nevi?

I am 26 male.my nevi on face are small flat aquired with no characters of atypia.no personal or family history of melanoma. my mother has one... READ MORE

What Are the Average Settings for Darker Skin with the Nd Yag.

I had a consult for laser hair removal and the laser was discussed for my skin type. I would like to know what the average settings are for darker... READ MORE

How to treat laser burn? (Photo)

I got laser burn from Nd-YAG Laser treatment in skin type IV at 100 joules per square cm, on my neck. This is the 6th session and the first time I got... READ MORE

Had YAG laser while on Accutane - Will it cause scarring?

I started taking Accutane 9 days ago, without knowing the fact that i should be avoiding laser treatment while on Accutane i had the YAG laser... READ MORE

Dark spots got horribly darker after Nd:YAG laser. What should I do? It has been a month since my treatment

I am 31year old indian female.I am suffering from pigmentary demarcation lines.The doctor gave me two sessions of nd yag.There was no improvement.Two... READ MORE

Erbium:YAG/CO2 Laser, Sciton ProFractional Laser, and Laser Micro Peel: Which is best for acne scars on young skin? (Photo)

I'm a 23 yr old female who has had acne since I was 12, and scars since 15. i've had 2 consultations so far & was told that a laser would be the best... READ MORE

HELP! Q Switched nd Yag laser was used on my back for dark acne scarring. Is this normal? (Photo)

I'm an Asian male. 2 weeks ago I had laser done on my back for dark acne scarring, I believe he used the 532mm q switched nd yag laser. A thin crusts... READ MORE

Spider veins after 2nd laser treatment look much worse! Do I just wait it out? (Photo)

I had me second treatment of YAG laser vein therapy over 2 months ago. I wore compression stockings and followed the post care guidelines, stayed out... READ MORE

Presence of an Ingrown Hair DURING Laser Leading to Possible Burn? (photo)

~36 hours post-laser, brazilian, 3rd session & the 1st time with these results. The clinician switched from yag to alex because the yag wasn't... READ MORE

Q-Yag for Brown Spots Caused Permanent Redness on my Cheeks

About 6 months ago I had 2 Q-Yag Laser treatments for brown spots on my cheeks. One treatment at 560 and the other at 1040. Left me sightly red. Had... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation from Skin Infection - Treatment options?

I am 28, male lean/thin, and have Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on my inner thighs from tinia cruris infection i had few years back. Used TCA,... READ MORE

Can I fix laser damage with another laser? (Photo)

I had yag (not sure which one) 4 months ago. My face has major textural changes from it. Can I fix it with another laser? I don't need perfection, I... READ MORE

What is used to correct scarring from Yag laser?

2 months ago, I had a Yag laser treatment to remove broken blood vessels. After significant swelling and blisters, I was left with small dents. The PA... READ MORE

Scarring after Nd;YAG laser treatment. How can I get rid of these marks? (Photo)

I have taken ndyag laser treatment for hair removal ovr my chin 6 months ago but immediately after treatment due to high exposure to the rays i got... READ MORE

How long does it take to see improvement from 1 treatment of ablative Erbium Yag laser? Do I need more than 1 treatment? (Photo)

I am 38 years old and under went full face ablative Erbium Yag laser resurfacing 3 weeks ago for acne scars, enlarged pores & wrinkles. Some areas of... READ MORE

ER Yag scar treatment not effective. What should I try next? (Photo)

I recently had my Er yag laser treatment on my face for scars but after 20 days past there is no effective result.All scars still look same Creams... READ MORE

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