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What Are the Risks with the Erbium Yag on Lower Eyelids on Sensitive Skin?

I had lower eye blepharoplasty a year ago. My skin feels sensitive and looks uneven since. Due to a misunderstanding I post-operatively applied hot... READ MORE

Treatment for Blue Temple Veins?

I am a 24 year old female with blue temple veins that I have had since birth. I went to a clinic for treatment but they said they couldn't help me,... READ MORE

Blister after laser treatment.. Hyperpigmentation (outer ring) after healing.. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am an Asian girl (Malay ethnic), with fair skin (but becomes brown if exposed). I now live in Paris. Weeks ago, i had a brown spot on my face. So, i... READ MORE

Dark spots got horribly darker after Nd:YAG laser. What should I do? It has been a month since my treatment

I am 31year old indian female.I am suffering from pigmentary demarcation lines.The doctor gave me two sessions of nd yag.There was no improvement.Two... READ MORE

YAG laser hair removal worked better on lower setting?

Is it possible that this could be the case? I am a 20 year old female of indian descent and I have excessive hair on my face. I have had 5 treatments... READ MORE

I have an Almost black upper lip.Can I know the mode of operation of yag laser,is it permanent? Can glycolic peels be used?

Ever since my childhood I've been having this black upper lip. It's even difficult to apply lipstick because there would be colour difference between... READ MORE

Eye Vein Removal

I have had red veins in my eyes for many years, some are deep red and squiggly. The appearance troubles me. It is my understanding that they can be... READ MORE

Will the Q-switch Nd:Yag Laser Work for Very Dark Inguinal/groin Area?

I am a Filipina. An Asian. I have black inguinal, under the butt, and underarm are all black. I have polycystic syndrome too. Can q-switch nd:yag... READ MORE

Still Red 10 Days After IPL and YAG - How Much Longer Will I Be Red?

IPL was done on small,raised scar on cheek.I have fair skin, red undertones, get red easily.Have a high tolerance for painful facial treatments &... READ MORE

My skin changed overnight, severe dehydration, tight feeling, wrinkles, horrible texture after YAG. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello, I am a 27 year old female, I've always had nice skin, yes I've spent time in the sun but not enoug hto change my skin this bad. In march 2014 I... READ MORE

Chances of Scarring from Erbium for Fine Lines?

Can Erbium laser treatment leave scarring if performed by a board certified PS? I am 29 and have fine lines under my eyes and even loose skin when I... READ MORE

How many more ND Yag sessions are needed for full Tattoo Removal? (photo)

I had this tattoo at 16 . Had 2 Nd yag sessions result were fast significant fading thank god. Tattoo was originally black but turned blackish green... READ MORE

I'm asian lady w/ freckles & have been advised by my doctor for the Nd Yag KTP laser for removal of my freckles. Any suggestion?

Do i need numbing cream for this? And may I know what is the setting/power of the KTP laser for freckles removal? I have only ever experienced a Q... READ MORE

The Pixel 1V Erbium Yag Laser for Acne Scars?

I am a 25 year old female and always suffered from acne.I have acne scars (large pours&indentations - pit scarring) as a result of this on my cheeks &... READ MORE

Will my areola be permanently hyperpigmented after being burnt from laser hair removal? (photo)

I just recently started got laser hair removal around my areola. I was treated at 12 with 18mm by a Candela Yag laser. I realized afterwards that the... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation after laser (ND:YAG) removing of hair, is it permanent?

Hi I just went for a brazilian laser removing of hair and I ve noticed 2 hours after treatment a few white spots. I am a white person who is recently... READ MORE

I think the settings on Laser Hair Removal Yag are low. Help? (photos)

I had my first session couple of days ago but I'm dubious of the settings. I'm Hispanic female. I have attached pictures. Just trying to make sure I'm... READ MORE

What to do about my case? I removed the crust and was told later I wasn't supposed to. (Erbium yag laser) (photo)

I was confused about the healing and care to be done. On Sunday I called the nurse who told me to remove the crusts from the skin. So I understood... READ MORE

Can any doctor give me an idea on the efficacy of the YAG laser for a prominent forehead vein? (Photo)

Within the last year, a forehead vein developed. I am not sure if it is from running long distance, me being 29, or if in any way it would be related... READ MORE

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