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Recovering from Erbium Yag Laser Treatment?

Is 1 week enough recovery time after erbium Yag laser treatment? I am a 42 yr old male physician considering above treatment for facial acne scars... READ MORE

Dark Spots After Yag Laser Treatment

I got dark spots after a Yag laser tightening treatment. I never had dark spots before. Now I have dark areas on my face. Why did this happen and what... READ MORE

YAG Laser Vs. Vbeam for Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea

I am considering having laser therapy for erythematotelangiectatic rosacea and was wondering if the Nd:YAG 1064 (Candela smoothYAG) is as effective or... READ MORE

Post-op Care for Yag Laser

I had Yag laser treatment for removing a large sunspot on my face, plus some small ones. Didn't get any postcare instructions and... READ MORE

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Gentle:YAG on Face for Redness?

I've had 2 pulsed dye laser treatments with little success. My doctor suggested that I consider the Gentle:YAG. He mentioned blistering is... READ MORE

Candela ND YAG laser (broken capillaries on face). Brief sun exposure w/o sunscreen - worried about hyperpigmentation.

2 days prior to treatment, I jogged 30 minutes, midday w/o sunscreen. (winter here, no bright sun, overcast, and cold),. After the procedure, the doc... READ MORE

What are the benefits of Nd:Yag as opposed to other lasers?

I want to remove dilated blood vessels on my face. I inquired at a plastic surgeon's office about IPL but the PA that spoke with me believes that... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for skin lesion/dermtofibroma? (Photo)

I'm not sure what this skin lesion is, I went to many dermatologists one doctor tolled me that its benign skin lesions and advised me to either... READ MORE

Can I go for nd yag laser for thick facial hairs,while dealing with acne spots, scars and fewer breakout after Accutane?

I've been on acutane 20 mg for 5 weeks, I stopped a month back. I've thick facial hairs on chin but also having fewer breakout there as well. I'm... READ MORE

Sunscreen scream is mandatory for life time after laser treatment ? Or does it have any particular time period?

Am willing to have face skin laser treatment so wanted to know about this as instructed by my doctor, I never applied and i don't want to apply... READ MORE

8 years ago I used hydroquinone cream on my face for pigmentation without sun protection for 3 months but I've seen no results?

8 years ago I used hydroquinone cream on my face for pigmentation without sun protection for 3 months and soon and now the whole area Is... READ MORE

Nd Yag Laser After 12 Sessions of Diode on Face and a Day After the Treatment I Have a Stubble?

I took 12 sessions of laser treatment fr facial hair with diode laser. after these 12 sessions over the period of 2 years i have facial hair but it is... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Has Worked on the Back. But Not on the Face?

I have been treated 7 times with the ND:Yag Laser on the back, face and ears. It was all performed by the same Doctor over the course of 20 months. I... READ MORE

Need laser hair removal doctor in long island or queens NY that use yag laser? (photos)

I am a person of color with black coarse hair on my face That need laser hair removal. Please suggest the best laser for me. Please suggest a laser... READ MORE

Is it at all possible for Laser Genesis(nd yag 1064) to cause facial fat loss? Even by accident?

What if you are a thin person to start. with. Does that have an impact on result? Had 2 treatments of Laser Genesis over 2 month period and face has... READ MORE

ER Yag scar treatment not effective. What should I try next? (Photo)

I recently had my Er yag laser treatment on my face for scars but after 20 days past there is no effective result.All scars still look same Creams... READ MORE

Face covered in dots and blotches after Erbium laser!! Was this treatment done correctly? (photos)

I just had an Erbium 3G whisper laser treatment done on my face. Instead of going over the entire surface of my face, the doctor only lasered it in... READ MORE

Deep pits from YAG laser facial vein removal - can this be fixed?

One month ago I had a procedure performed with a YAG laser to remove facial veins, and now have 6 deep pits and one groove that covers the entire line... READ MORE

Nd yag Laser hair removal method effective or not ?

I have already gone though many lazer hair removal treatments but could see no improvemnt.It is like after a month and a half i could see back my... READ MORE

What are possible side effects of nd yag laser, for facial hairs on already hyperpigmented skin by acne marks?

I've thick facial hairs on chin and upper lip and rather visible dark hairs on face. My dermatologist says that its OK to go for nd yag while I'm... READ MORE

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