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Erbium:YAG/CO2 Laser, Sciton ProFractional Laser, and Laser Micro Peel: Which is best for acne scars on young skin? (Photo)

I'm a 23 yr old female who has had acne since I was 12, and scars since 15. i've had 2 consultations so far & was told that a laser would be the best... READ MORE

Are all erbium yag lasers the same ?

I had ablative erbiumyag laser resurfacing a year ago and had good results , I wanted one final treatment to get more improvement . I have been to the... READ MORE

Regading Erbium yag laser. Any suggestions?

I underwent 13 sittings . But doctor said he will be doing one more sitting with 190 joules/cm2 in erbium. After that fat filling. Is this will be... READ MORE

How long does it take to see improvement from 1 treatment of ablative Erbium Yag laser? Do I need more than 1 treatment? (Photo)

I am 38 years old and under went full face ablative Erbium Yag laser resurfacing 3 weeks ago for acne scars, enlarged pores & wrinkles. Some areas of... READ MORE

Can Erbium laser on face cause more wrinkles under the eyes and nerve damage to lips?

I had erbium laser on my face two weeks ago. Next day it looked like I had a huge hole in my right cheek. Now it is hollower than my left cheek. Also... READ MORE

Why hasn't the Erbium:Yag ablative laser(2940nm) been used more often to treat Becker's nevus(BN)?

I have a BN on my chest(histo done). There is no hypertrichosis. Nd:Yag laser ten years ago yielded poor results. Recently I saw this paper:... READ MORE

I had full ablative Erbium Yag laser for acne scars 3 weeks ago, but it left me with even more scars like furrows. Is it normal?

Im a physician and 28yrs old. I had acne scars on my both cheeks and raised bumps on my chin that my derm claimed to be syringoma.My dermatologist... READ MORE

Erbium Yag resurfacing on patient with Seborrheic dermatitis? Are complications and delayed healing possible or likely?

I have acne and chickenpox scarring to my cheeks. I no longer have acne breakouts but do suffer from seborrheic dermatits and sebum congestion in... READ MORE

Face covered in dots and blotches after Erbium laser!! Was this treatment done correctly? (photos)

I just had an Erbium 3G whisper laser treatment done on my face. Instead of going over the entire surface of my face, the doctor only lasered it in... READ MORE

Hypopigmented upper right lip (Vermillion border) after Yag Eribium with I Pixel Laser. (Photo)

Hey, It's been 21 days since I had Yag Eribium laser with I pixel done on my upper right lip. I did it to remove a small scar that was inbetween my... READ MORE

Erbium Yag laser? (Photo)

I consulted a dermatology clinic here in Toronto for my acne scars which have really been a cause for my depression. She advised to get the erbium yag... READ MORE

How do the erbium 2790 and 2940 compare?

Specifically, which laser provides best results for deeper lines around the mouth, as well as improvement in skin texture? READ MORE

Regarding Erbium Yag laser and fat filler. (Photo)

I underwent 13 sittings . But doctor said he will be doing one more sitting with 190 joules/cm2 in erbium. After that fat filling. Is this will be... READ MORE

Is the Erbium Yag laser suitable for acne scarring and how does it compare to CO2 fraxel laser?

Hi all. I have been given a quote for fraxel co2 mixTo laser and Erbium yag laser. The procedure for erbium yag is much cheaper and they are offering... READ MORE

Opinion on Nd Yag Q-Switched laser to treat freckles on arms? How about 'Laser 3D' by Quanta for the face?

Hi. I'm travelling to Bali next month, and have been researching lasers for freckle removal on my arms. The clinic I'm considering recommends the ND... READ MORE

Erbium : Yag? (Photo)

I'm Asian, a bit on the light skinned;22. I want to improve my face, I had battled with terrible acne . Last year at 21, i noticed that my face... READ MORE

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