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Xeomin vs. Botox - Which is Better?

A doctor here mentioned that a new injection would be available called "Xeomin". Not sure how you say that! What it appears to be is another... READ MORE

How Much Does Xeomin Cost?

Can you give a rough idea of what a person should expect to pay for Xeomin? If it is charged per unit, are the units similar to Botox, or more similar... READ MORE

Have Heard Xeomin Has Come out with a Cream, Anyone Used It?

There is now a cream made by Xeomin that can be applied & left on the skin for 30 minutes, then when its rinsed off it is like one has had Botox. Has... READ MORE

Will Xeomin Help with Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) the Same Way Botox Does?

 heard these products are nearly the same, if Xeomin will help with sweating also, or if that is only something Botox can do? READ MORE

Xeomin Potency After Mixing?

How long will xeomin remain potent after mixing it. I know that botox and dysport will still be effective after 2 weeks. Is it the same with Xeomin READ MORE

Can I Have Botox on my Forehead and Xeomin on my Glabella?

I was considering having my glabella and forehead done two days apart by two different physicians. Would it be okay to have xeomin in one area and... READ MORE

Does Xeomin work just as well as Botox for jaw line reduction (masseter muscle)?

I'm considering getting 15 units of Xeomin on each side of my masseters to slim down my jawline to a nice v shape. I see that Botox is more popular... READ MORE

Botox and Dysport no longer work from me. What is the likelihood Xeomin will work? (Photo)

I used Dysport for 5 years, occasionally using Botox instead. After 4 years it just started to lose it's effect to the point that even a triple dose... READ MORE

I have been using Botox, and have had Xeon recommended instead. What is the difference?

Can you please give me some info on this product Xeon? I've had Botox first time 7 wks ago and i was advice by my nurse that my next injection age... READ MORE

Never had filler for frown lines. Doc suggested Botox better?

My doctor's office is having a pharmacutical rep from Xeomin come in to teach the RN's how to use their products. He offered me the opportunity to... READ MORE

Xeomin for a Damaged Nerve? Treatment for Sciatic Pain?

I've been seeing a Neurologist now for 4 months for a damaged nerve (he said post traumatic neuroma) that is right on my cheekbone, next to my nose.... READ MORE

Where should additional Xeomin be injected to repair a "Spock" brow?

Hi, I had Xeomin injected to soften my 11s. While it smoothed out the wrinkles between my eyes, the thick part of the eyebrow lowered which made the... READ MORE

Is there any risk from getting Botox injections for hyperhidrosis and then getting Xeomin injections for migraines?

I've been getting Botox injections every 4 months for the last year and a half to treat hyperhydrosis. I was just approved for Xeomin injections for... READ MORE

Can I have Xeomin 2 weeks before I have cataract surgery?

I am having my right eye cataract removed and then a month later the left eye done. I get Xeomin lightly in my crows feet ( though not under the eye).... READ MORE

May I resume my Xeomin for 11s, Radiesse for n/l folds & Skintyte only on neck?

I'm on chemo for stage 3metastatic adenocarcinoma. Have had 2 FEC, one to go, then 3 Taxane, all 3 week regime. Bi- lat mastectomy 7/19 with spacers.... READ MORE

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