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I Have Always Used but Botox but Tried Xeomin Recently and Haven't Had Great Results. Am I Resistant?

I have always love botox but my doctor stopped offering it and said xeomin would work better. I've waited three weeks with still no results, just... READ MORE

4th Day Post Xeomin. Muscles Still Active. When Will the Toxin Start Acting? Will It?

When will the toxin start acting? Will it? Visiting Europe. Just had Bocouture (Xeomin) injected 4 days ago. Product didn´t feel like Vistabel... READ MORE

Xeomin 25 Units, 12 Days Out, Not Working? (photo)

I received 25 units of Xeomin to the glabellar region exactly 12 days ago. I have had Botox once before at the same facility (different injector) and... READ MORE

I was recently injected with Xeomin. I am adding the pictures of my results after 3 weeks. (photos)

I am new to having any type of injections. This is my most recent picture. I was told that Xeomin would fix my problem? The consultant said that the... READ MORE

Xeomin Ran in my Eye Accidently What Should I Do? I'm Very Scared

I received xeomin in my forehead today as the doctor was pulling the needle out I felt liquid quickly running down my forehead and it ran into my eye.... READ MORE

I Had Xeomin 2 Days Ago (Wed Afternoon) and Am Severely SWOLLEN? (photo)

I went back to the doctor the next day. She is a renowned dermatologist, and she admitted she had never seen anything like it! My brows and area... READ MORE

Xeomin vs botox and dysport?

Today for the first Time I got Xeomin, 50 units on my foreheads and around eye area. Last time, 6 months ago, I did 70 units of dysport on my forehead... READ MORE

Can xeomin cause under eye bags and eye irritation? (photo)

I had botox injections by my doctor- forehead, frown and crows feet. I first had xeomin injected forehead & crows feet. 3 weeks later i returned... READ MORE

Can I Be Resistant to Botox and Other Fillers?

Since my last question I have 35 units of Xeomin to my Galbella and forehead, it worked worderfully and alsmost immediately, however 1 month later and... READ MORE

I got Xeomin 12 days ago, but I can still make the 11's and I look like a witch when I raise my eyebrows. What to do?

Should I go back to the same doctor and will I be charged more to get this fixed? I'm a first timer & went to a board certified doctor. I received 28... READ MORE

I had Xeomin (40 units) a few weeks ago and just found out I am pregnant! I had no idea I was pregnant when I got it done!

Just had Xeomin (40 units) two weeks ago and just found out two days ago that I am pregnant. I am very worried about the risks I posed by getting... READ MORE

Xeomin injected into the buccinator. It has completely atrophied and my cheeks are sunken and have fallen. Will I ever recover?

Hi there. I need help. 5 month received 40 units of Xeomin with minimal dilution to make it last more time. At first the doctor was to inject the... READ MORE

Can xeomin have a reverse affect on people? I got it injected in my jaws and it's actually doing the exact opposite. (photo)

I got xeomin injected in my jaw area to slim down my face and the square jaw line. It was done 4 days ago and now when I chew and bite down the muscle... READ MORE

Xeomin injected for my 11s lines caused the inner eyebrows to drop. Can this be fixed?

I was injected in 5 locations to smooth the 11 lines. What happened is, the inner brows dropped so it looks somewhat "spockish". Can this be fixed... READ MORE

Droopy and swollen upper eyelids 6 hours after Xeomin, should I be concerned? (photo)

I have had Botox before for forehead wrinkled above my eyebrow. One time afterward my eyelid dropped- this never happened again. Yesterday, I received... READ MORE

Xeomin and Clindamycin. Yesterday I had Xeomin injections and today still have huge painful lumps on my face. Now what? (Photo)

Yesterday I had xeomin injections and today still have huge painful lumps all over my face. I've taken benadryl. Nothing. I did some research and read... READ MORE

Is 100 units of Xeomin injected in one session safe?

Approximately one month ago I had 30 units of Botox injected into my glabellar lines,and forehead area due to my frowning/lines. After 1 month I did... READ MORE

Why are my forehead wrinkled asymmetrical now? (Photos)

I received 10 units of xeomin in my forehead. None in the muscle between the eyes. Now my left eyebrow is a little lower and my forehead wrinkles are... READ MORE

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