Wrinkle Treatment Videos

Learn About AQUAGOLD Fine Touch — A Microneedling Treatment for the Neck and Decolletage

Dr. Joel Schlessinger explains how AQUAGOLD Fine Touch microneedling treatment helps to boost collagen and demonstrates the procedure on this woman. See her before and after. VIEW NOW

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36-Year-Old Female With Prominent Smile Lines — Hear What Treatment the Doctor Recommends

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains the main cause of marionette lines or mesolabial folds, is volume loss in the different levels of the skin and soft tissue. Treatment for these folds are cosmetic fillers, and also PRP. VIEW NOW

Botox Works Best Here, Says This Doctor

Botox has its most dramatic effect in this area, says Dr. Norman M. Rowe. VIEW NOW

The 3 Ways We Age, as Explained By a Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. David Amron explains how we age and what you can do about it. VIEW NOW

Damage and Thin Skin After CO2 Laser — See What the Doctor Recommends

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains that heating devices are beneficial for collagen stimulation, but overuse can damage the skin and fat layer. PRP can help scarred and damaged skin with its healing and growth factors. VIEW NOW


Hear Why Dana Chose BellaFill to Restore Facial Volume and See Her Before & After

Learn why Dana chose BellaFill injections with Dr. Hannah Vargas to restore volume to her face. BellaFill is an option for long-term results without surgery. VIEW NOW

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Will Microneedling With Platelet-Rich Plasma Scar My Face?

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains the differences in administering platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for facial skin rejuvenation with a micro-needling device or through injection, and how he chooses what's best for a patient. VIEW NOW

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Julie's Facelift Journey: Recovery and Results (Part 5)

In the final episode, Julie continues to discuss her facelift experience, including her recovery, results, and if she'd have the procedure again. VIEW NOW

Julie's Facelift Journey: See Her Procedure and Reveal (Part 4)

In part four of five, Julie discusses her facelift experience, from the day of her surgery through the healing process. See What she thinks when she sees her new face for the first time. VIEW NOW

Julie's Facelift Journey: Preparing for the Procedure (Part 3)

In Part three of five, Julie talks about her upcoming surgery. Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn prepares Julie for her facelift and sets realistic expectations. VIEW NOW

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Microneedling After Clear + Brilliant Laser for Age Prevention — See This Man's Procedure

Dr. Jason Emer explains how combining treatments like lasers with microneedling produces more collagen and improvement to one's complexion, pores, and wrinkles. VIEW NOW


This Woman Has Swelling and Fluid After Botox Injections to Her Chin — See What the Doctor Recommends

This woman presents with fluid that looks like a lump on her chin, 3 days after Botox injections. Dr. Amiya Prasad, explains how this might have happened and his treatment recommendation. VIEW NOW

Julie's Facelift Journey: Hear Her Fears and Concerns (Part 2)

In part 2 of five, follow Julie and her husband as they discuss their fears and concerns about her facelift surgery. Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn says the most common concerns are safety and looking natural. VIEW NOW

Julie's Facelift Journey Begins (Part 1)

Julie is a confident 54-year-old woman experiencing normal signs of aging. She is uncomfortable with her aging face and has decided to have a facelift with Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn. Watch part one of this five part series. VIEW NOW

Minimizing Deep Furrow Lines Around the Mouth — The Doctor Recommends Options for This 60-Year-Old Woman

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains how volume loss has caused this woman's facial furrows and suggests treatment options to add volume. VIEW NOW

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