Wrinkle Treatment Videos

How Do You Achieve a Balanced Facial Look?

Dr. Jody Comstock joins RealSelf at ASDS 2016 to discuss what treatments can be done to provide a natural-appearing improvement in the face. VIEW NOW

A Simple Walkthrough on Botox

One of Dr. Justin Harper's master injectors explains and gives us a walkthrough of a simple botox injection, one of the most popular injection treatments. Learn how this procedure can relax the muscles that create wrinkles and fine lines. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Demonstrates a Botox Treatment

Dr. Ravi Somayazula injects this 30-year-old woman to improve wrinkles in various areas on her face. VIEW NOW

A Walkthrough on Microneedling

Dr. Justin Harper's lead skin care specialist, Karen Farrell, walks us through microneedling. Microneedling is a popular skin rejuvenation treatment used to treat wrinkles and acne scars. Learn why and how doctors use this cutting edge technology. VIEW NOW

Facial Contouring Using Fillers for Men

Dr. Sheryl Clark injects this man with Voluma to enhance his facial contours and and minimize wrinkles. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: Pelleve Eye Treatment

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim demonstrates a quick Pelleve treatment around the eyes. VIEW NOW

Treating Wrinkles and Skin Laxity Without Surgery

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim uses EndyMed Intensive (microneedling and SkinTyte) to treat laxity, fine lines, and crepiness without surgery. VIEW NOW

What Is Microneedling For?

Dr. Justin Harper's staff explains microneedling, one of the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments. Learn how this alternative to peels and laser treatments can help treat acne scarring, wrinkles, and scar treatment. VIEW NOW

Liquid Facelift: See What the Procedure Is Like

Watch Dr. Jennifer Reichel's nurse injector, Mary Gerlitz, treat this 45-year-old woman to lift and restore her face to a more youthful appearance using Volbella, Botox, and Restylane Lyft. VIEW NOW

Learn About Volbella XC

Dr. Michael Law's staff discuss what Volbella can treat and the importance of where and how the product is placed. VIEW NOW

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Botox: A Variety of Uses

Learn about Botox and the areas it is used to treat with Dr. Julio Gallo. VIEW NOW

Botox: A Solution to Minimize Lip Lines

Dr. Jason Emer demonstrates a typical Botox session to treat lip lines. Botox is a neurotoxin that causes the muscles it is injected into to relax and soften those lip lines. VIEW NOW

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What You Need to Know About Voluma

Dr. Julio F. Gallo, board describes what Volume by Juvederm is and how it can be used. VIEW NOW

See How Fat Grafting Can Rejuvenate Your Face

Dr. Sam Lam shares this woman's fat grafting results to restore volume and minimize lines in her face. VIEW NOW

See How Facial Fillers Can Rejuvenate Your Appearance

Dr. Sam Lam shares this video of a woman who had her wrinkles and facial lines reduced to rejuvenate her face. VIEW NOW