Wrinkle Treatment Videos

Bye Bye Bunny Lines — Watch as a Doctor Treats Them With Botox

Dr. Shaun Patel Botox injects Botox into the bridge of the nose to treat bunny lines, which can often appear around the nasalis after treating frown lines. VIEW NOW

Botox Injections: A Doctor Walks Through the Process

Dr. Shaun Patel injects Botox into a woman's face to improve the appearance of frown lines, crow's feet and forehead wrinkles and explains the process. VIEW NOW

Does PRP and Microneedling Really Work Like a Facelift?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question from a woman considering PRP treatment because she heard it can replace a facelift. Dr. Prasad explains how PRP and laser treatment cannot replace a surgical facelift, but they can improve skin quality and texture. VIEW NOW

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Treatments for Wrinkles and Skin Tightening — A Doctor Explores How Lasers can Help

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question from a 44-year old candidate regarding laser treatments in comparison to peels and microdermabrasion to combat wrinkles and tighten the skin, detailing what can be achieved with lasers to resurface the skin. VIEW NOW

Cheek Lift and Lip Augmentation With Fillers

Dr. Adelle Quintana injects a woman with fillers to enhance the lips, lift the cheeks and relax nasolabial folds. VIEW NOW

Cheek Enhancement and Treating Fine Lines — See This Woman's Injections

Dr. Adelle Quintana injects a woman's face with hyaluronic acid and Belotero to combat lines and give volume and lift to the cheeks. VIEW NOW

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Putting Your Best Face Forward After 50

The Plastic Surgery Channel features Dr. Shaun Parson and Dr. Clifford Clark offering some advice on improving the signs of aging for people over the age of 50 and how to treat things like wrinkles, sagging skin and volume loss. VIEW NOW


The Recipe for a Younger Looking Face — A Doctor Discusses Options

Live from Vegas at VCS 2016, Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt answers questions about facial rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

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Volume With Voluma — See This Woman's Results

Dr. John Zavell injects Voluma to a woman's face in order to add volume to her cheeks, helping to reduce the appearance of aging. VIEW NOW

SkinPen: Microneedling to Boost Collagen and Improve Skin Texture

The SkinPen microneedling device can be used to treat multiple areas of the body. Dr. Robert G. Fante shows you what you can expect from treatment. VIEW NOW

Restoring Volume With Dermal Fillers

Dr. Cynthia Stolovitz explains what can be achieved with Botox and other facial fillers. VIEW NOW

Exploring Options to Treat Crow's Feet and Improve Skin Texture

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses a few different procedures that can help treat crow's feet and rejuvenate the texture of the skin. VIEW NOW

Swelling or too Much Restylane? The Doctor's Opinion

Dr. Amiya Prasad answers this RealSelf member's question about swelling after Restylane injections under her eyes. VIEW NOW

52-Year-Old Man With Tired Eyes and Heavy Nasolabial Folds — Hear What the Doctor Recommends to Rejuvenate His Face

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews this man's question about tired eyes, heavy nasolabial folds and tear troughs. He suggests procedures for overall facial rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

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Smile Lines After Botox Injections....What happened?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question about undesirable results of Botox to the cheek area. He explains how facial surgeons may avoid this with their knowledge of how muscles interrelate. VIEW NOW