Wrinkle Treatment Videos

Liquid Face Lift for Women Over 45

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim recommends a combination of energy-based treatments like Ultherapy, EndyMed microneedling, or Skintyte to stimulate collagen for a lift, and dermal fillers to redefine the jawline. VIEW NOW

Do Collagen Creams and Capsules Work?

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim explains why collagen creams purchased in a pharmacy or retail outlet will not stimulate the production of new collagen in your skin. VIEW NOW

Facial Fat Grafting Procedure and Details

Dr. Anthony Corrado discusses the facial fat grafting (facial fat transfer) procedure. He shares why this procedure is an excellent choice for facial rejuvenation as a standalone procedure, or combined with other facial cosmetic techniques. VIEW NOW

Under Eye Treatment with Voluma

Dr. Justin Harper and clinical lead Liz demonstrate a typical under eye treatment using Voluma. Voluma is also used to treat midface, fine lines, and cheeks. VIEW NOW

Voluma Filler Treatment Process

Dr. Justin Harper shares a quick look at a Voluma treatment. We use this product to fill in the pockets in the midface, treat fine lines and help reshape the face to a more youthful look. VIEW NOW

The Right Age to Start Botox Treatments

Dr. Stephen Giordano discusses the ideal time to begin Botox treatments and why. VIEW NOW

See How Much 1 CC of Juvederm Ultra Plus Is

Dr. Stephen Giordano demonstrates how much filler is contained in a 1 cc syringe. In this video he is using Juvederm Ultra Plus. VIEW NOW

How long do Botox and Fillers Results last?

Leslie Janik from Dr. Phillip Garcia's office discusses what fillers and Botox are, what they do, when to get them, and what to expect. VIEW NOW

Treating Nasolabial Folds by Adding Volume

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a woman's concern about deep nasolabial folds while only in her early 30's. Dr. Prasad explains how volume loss in her whole cheek area can cause the folds, and how deep filler placement helps improve the whole face. VIEW NOW

Botox for Frown Lines Demonstration

Watch as Dr. Edward Fruitman shares a video of a female patient receiving Botox treatment for frown lines. Treatment is performed by Yulia Baevsky, RN. VIEW NOW

How the Mouth Changes with Age

Dr. Marc Pacifico discusses how our mouths change in a variety of ways with age, with effects on the lips, the surrounding skin and of course, the adjacent jowls and cheeks. VIEW NOW

Getting Botox Treatments from Different Clinics

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question about getting a Botox treatment from a different provider while the regular is away. VIEW NOW

Erase Wrinkles with Dermabrasion

Dr. Phillip Garcia gives a thorough overview on the key benefits and recovery expectations for a standard dermabrasion procedure. VIEW NOW

Clearing Acne with the Clear + Brilliant Laser

Dr. Leif Rogers' nurse practitioner uses the Clear + Brilliant laser to clear acne from a young man's forehead and t-zone. The laser works by remodeling the skin and the oil glands, making the new skin appear much smoother and clearer. VIEW NOW

Botox Treatment for Forehead Wrinkles

Dr. Michael Morrissette demonstrates a standard Botox injection as an easy way to diminish horizontal forehead lines. This treatment can leave your forehead looking smooth and rested. VIEW NOW