Wrinkle Treatment Videos

Dysport Treatment for Frown Lines, Crow's Feet, and Forehead Lines

Dr. Steven Weiner treats this woman's glabella (frown lines), crows feet, and forehead lines with Dysport. It is nearly painless using small needles and vibration distraction. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a woman's question about facial rejuvenation treatments that don't involve surgery. He outlines some options that address facial volume loss, wrinkles, and skin quality including dermal fillers, lasers and peels. VIEW NOW


Skin Rejuvenation Results From ProCell Microneedling Treatment

Dr. Renuka Diwan demonstrates a microneedling treating with ProCell. This treatment was done in conjunction with a stem cell serum on the surface of this woman's skin to induce new collagen growth to revitalize skin. VIEW NOW

Treatment Options for Eye Bags and Dark Circles in Young People

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a woman's question about dark circles and deep lines under her eyes. He discusses how puffiness under the eyes can accentuate depth, as well as the available treatment options to correct the puffiness and pigmentation. VIEW NOW

EndyMed 3DEEP: Facial Tightening Results to Expect

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim describes what kind of results someone can expect from an EndyMed 3DEEP treatment for skin tightening. Dr. Ebrahim recommends combining an EndyMed 3DEEP treatment with dermal fillers for best results to reshape your jawline. VIEW NOW

Botox: Eliminate Creases and Wrinkles on Your Face

Dr. Amaryllis Pascual shares this informational video discussing Botox, a quick way to address moderate-to-severe lines in the forehead, inner brows, frown lines, and wrinkles around the eyes. VIEW NOW

eMatrix: A Non-Laser Skin Resurfacing Option for All Skin Types

Dr. Nissan Pilest demonstrates an eMatrix treatment, which is radiofrequency-based skin resurfacing that is safe for all skin tones. Through a series of treatments, eMatrix can improve acne scars, pigmentation, fine lines, skin tone and texture. VIEW NOW

Dermabrasion Scar Treatment

Dr. Omar Fouda Neel performs a dermabrasion treatment with local anesthesia to soften the damaged scar tissue on this patient's hand. Dermabrasion can also treat fine lines, sun damage, scars, as well as uneven skin tone and texture. VIEW NOW

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Eyelid Rejuvenation With UltraPulse CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Dr. Philip Solomon demonstrates how he uses the UltraPulse CO2 Laser to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, improve skin laxity and texture. In this video, he focuses on treating this woman's under eye area. VIEW NOW

Correcting Sunken Under Eyes with Fillers

Dr. Philip Solomon performs an injectable filler treatment in this young woman's lower eyelid area, commonly known as tear troughs. The hollow areas underneath her eyes are filled with fillers to reduce that "sunken" appearance. VIEW NOW

Forehead Frown Line Treatment with Botox and Fillers

Dr. Faraz Valaie discusses with a woman why Botox treatment alone will not be enough to correct a frown line above her brows. He demonstrates the treatment and shares what to expect for recovery. VIEW NOW

CoolSculpting and Fillers Demonstration

Dr. Dean Kane and Lauri walk us through the significant difference a quick filler treatment can make, in addition to demonstrating what a CoolSculpting treatment looks like on a live patient. VIEW NOW

How Botox Can Correct a Sad, Tired, and Angry Appearance

Dr. Isaac Starker demonstrates a treatment of forehead frown lines and crow's feet with Botox. This 10 minute treatment will help relax those frown lines for three to four months. VIEW NOW

Belotero Under Eye Lift Before and After Results

Dr. Shoib Myint demonstrates a Belotero treatment under the eyes without using a needle. To inject the filler, Dr. Myint uses the CannulaLift for less bruising and downtime. VIEW NOW

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Skin Needling Procedure to Revitalize Damaged Skin

Dr. Eddie Cheng explains how skin needling improves and revitalises damaged skin using the natural healing processes of the body. Also called collagen induction therapy, it can improve the thickness, colour, texture and consistency of the skin. VIEW NOW