Wrinkle Treatment Videos

Filling Tear Troughs for Rejuvenated Eyes

Dr. Michael Dobryansky shows the procedure of filling this woman's tear troughs to reduce the "tired" appearance around her lower eyelids. VIEW NOW

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Injectables: Learn About Neuromodulators and Neurotoxins

Dr. Michael J. Denk's Nurse, Jennifer Oshiro, explains why we get wrinkles and fine lines in the face. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: Botox for Frown Lines and Wrinkles

Dr. R. Brannon Claytor's nurse injector Heather treats a patient for fine lines and wrinkles in her glabellar region and forehead. The treatment is quick and the effects can last up to 3 months. VIEW NOW

Vampire Facial With Platelet Rich Plasma: Understand the Procedure Step-by-Step

Dr. Michele S. Green explains how the vampire facelift works and what it can do for you. VIEW NOW

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Treating Deep Frown Lines Using Botox

Dr. Amiya Prasad compares Botox and fillers for reducing static frown lines over the eyes. VIEW NOW

Treating Stubborn Acne Scars Using a Filler and Laser Combination

Dr. Jason Emer explains a unique combination approach to treating acne scars. He uses Bellafill to fill acne scars and then uses the Fraxel Laser and the Erbium Laser to remodel the skin at different levels. VIEW NOW


The Doctor's Advice on Using Botox Preventatively

Dr. Erik Suh discusses how Botox can be done at a younger age as a preventative treatment to prevent wrinkles from forming. VIEW NOW

Learn About Skin Rejuvenation Using Laser Genesis

Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh discusses Laser Genesis, a laser that gently heats the upper layer of the skin which provides numerous aesthetic benefits. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Demonstrates the Fraxel Laser for Arm Rejuvenation

Dr. Jason Emer explains how the Fraxel laser can be used on the arms in order to correct sun spots, sun damage, and pores while also tightening the skin. After the treatment, the new skin will appear much younger, fresher, and tighter. VIEW NOW


Learn What Areas of the Face Fillers Can Treat

Dr. Erik Suh explains where fillers can be used on singer, Tayla Lynn's face. VIEW NOW

How to Correct Eyelid Drooping From Botox

Dr. Quenby Erickson discusses possible complications from Botox and how they can be corrected. VIEW NOW

See This Woman Undergo an IPL Photo Facial

Dr. Thomas Lanchoney shares this video of Liz, who underwent an IPL treatment for sun damage and then a 1540 laser for wrinkles. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Users Sculptra to Treat This Woman's Sunken Temples

Dr. Jason Emer explains how Sculptra is not a filler, but can be used to define and structure the face. VIEW NOW

How to Choose an Injector

Dr. Michael Law's nurse injector, Melissa, explains what you should look for when you are choosing an injector to administer Botox or fillers. VIEW NOW

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin: When Is It Time for a Touch-Up?

Dr. Victor Chung goes over the appropriate timing for a touch-up after an injection of Botox, Dysport or Xeomin for the best results. VIEW NOW