Wrinkle Treatment Videos

Sculpting the Face and Lips Using Botox and Fillers

Dr. Shaun Patel gives this 27-year-old woman a facial makeover with Voluma in her cheeks and chin, Juvederm Ultra in her lips, in addition to 40 units of Botox into upper face lines. VIEW NOW


Microneedling Treatment After Breast Augmentation: Is It Safe for Sensitive Skin?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a woman's question about undergoing facial microneedling while still recovering from a recent breast augmentation procedure. VIEW NOW

Treat Forehead Lines and Get an Eyebrow Lift With Dysport

Dr. Jason Emer demonstrates injections for Dysport, which is a neurotoxin used to relax the muscles. It takes two weeks to see the full effects and lasts between 3-4 months, improving wrinkles in the injected area while creating an arch for brows. VIEW NOW

Smooth Out Those Laugh Lines With Voluma

Dr. Leif Rogers' nurse injector demonstrates how the aging mouth can be rejuvenated with Voluma injections. The nasolabial folds can deepen and sag as we age, so when Voluma is injected into the folds that area appears smoother and more youthful. VIEW NOW

How to Choose Your Nurse Injector

Dr. Michael Law's nurse injector, Melissa, explains what someone should look for when choosing a nurse injector for their Botox and filler treatments. VIEW NOW

Restylane Refyne & Restylane Defyne: What Are These Fillers Used For?

Dr. Michael Law's nurse injector, Melissa, explains how Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne can help to rejuvenate the appearance of the low face. VIEW NOW

Minimize Wrinkles and Lines Around the Mouth With Volbella

This woman was concerned with the vertical lines and wrinkles around her mouth. Dr. Leif Rogers injected Volbella into this area to treat the wrinkles while also adding subtle volume to her lips, resulting in a younger looking mouth. VIEW NOW

Voluma Rejuvenation: Correcting an Aging Mouth and Marionette Lines

Dr. Leif Rogers demonstrates how Voluma can be injected along the mouth and into the marionette lines to smooth wrinkles and lines. This woman was concerned with the grooves around her mouth which were smoothed out after her Voluma treatment. VIEW NOW

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Watch This Doctor Achieve a Brow Lift By Self-Botoxing

Dr. Melanie Petro explains her process for how and where Botox should be placed to achieve lifted brows. VIEW NOW

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Botox & Facial Fillers: What's The Difference?

Brandie Gostigian of Dr. Kent Hasen's practice explains the difference between Botox and facial fillers. VIEW NOW

Watch This Doctor Inject Her Own Botox Treatment

Dr. Anna Avaliani demonstrates how Botox is administered. It's very quick, safe and effective treatment. The individual muscle movement needs to be carefully assessed prior to the treatment. VIEW NOW

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Can Treat Acne Scars

Dr. Parham Gharagozlou demonstrates the Erbium laser for treating acne scars. This laser can also be used to reverse some signs of aging, skin tightening, minimizing stretch marks and treating melasma. VIEW NOW

Does Botox Treat Wrinkles and Migraines at the Same Time?

Dr. Michael Zadeh explains how Botox can treat wrinkles and migraines simultaneously. He also talks about how other areas of the face can be good for treating migraines too. VIEW NOW

Botox for Neck Rejuvenation

Dr. Michael Law's nurse injector, Melissa, explains how Botox can help to rejuvenate the appearance of the neck when a conservative amount is expertly placed. VIEW NOW

How Long Does It Take for Botox to Work?

Dr. Carlos Wolf explains how Botox works and when you can expect it to start working. VIEW NOW