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Best Way to Get Rid of Smoker Lines on Upper Lip?

Am not really a big smoker, just socially on weekends at most. That has not stoped smoker lines from showing on upper lips area. What can I do to... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment to Get Rid of Wrinkles Above the Upper Lip?

I have wrinkles that I hate above my upper lip. I know they are from sun damage and not smoking since I am a long distance runner. READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Smokers' Lines?

What is best for the lines on my upper lip? READ MORE

How to Reduce Vertical Lines Above Lips?

You know the lines that you get when you purse your lips and as you get older don't go away. What can be used to reduce the appearance of those?... READ MORE

What is the best treatment and cost for "smoker's lines" on my upper lip?

I don't smoke and nev er have, but my mother had them too. These lines on my upper lip are very aging. I am 45, have had them for at least 10 years... READ MORE

Botox or Restylane for Smoker Lines?

Which works best to take away smoker lines above my upper lip: Botox or Restylane? READ MORE

What to Do About Deep Lines by Mouth and Around Lips?

I am 65 my most problem is deep lines around my mouth what is the answer had treatments of cologine when I was younger and results is scaring from needle READ MORE

What Works Best for Upper Lip Lines?

I'm so upset about upper lip lines. Is it something that plastic surgery can help? Or do you suggest something else? READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for lines between nose and upper lips? (photos)

Dear Doctor, Recently I have noticed a straight line starting from end of my upper lips to my nose. It is only on left side of my face. So in one side... READ MORE

How can i diminish upper lip lines without a professional?

Have had professional treatments in the past but cannot afford at this timr. can anything from a store help.? DESPERATE ......thankyou READ MORE

What treatment would help with lines on my upper lip?

I am 61 yrs old, will be turning 62 in January :(! Not to sound vain but I've been told I look 50 (ish). I want to know what treatment would help with... READ MORE

What type of treatment is the longest lasting to eliminate wrinkling above lip?

What type of treatment is the longest lasting to eliminate wrinkling above lip? At this point, I have very slight wrinkling that is beginning. I have... READ MORE

Please Recommend Treatment for 20% Wrinkle Reduction for 59 Yr Old in NJ? (photo)

I would like a facial treatment that would reduce wrinkles by 20% and also hyperpigmentaion above upper lip. Would do whole face but I am unhappy with... READ MORE

What is the best treatment option(s) for upper lip wrinkles/lines?

I’m 32 and I’ve recently developed upper lip wrinkles/lines. they don’t appear to be deep yet but they are extremely visible, especially in sunli... READ MORE

I have wrinkles on my legs and arms. What can I use to make them disappear?

I don't lay in the sun. I'm 59 years old. I also have wrinkles on my upper lip and I don't smoke . I need to know what I can use for these problems. READ MORE

Help with droop & a few lines! (photos)

I'm interested in what my options are regarding fillers or/or laser treatment. I see tiny vertical lines above my upper lip, droop under my eyes,... READ MORE

What treatments would you recommend for lines? (photos)

I would like to get rid of upper lip lines under eye lines and age spots. READ MORE

I have vertical lines above my upper lip. Do you know of a moisturizer that will relax facial wrinkles?

Several years maybe 15 I used a moisturizer that relaxed lines around my eyes. Do you know of a moisturizer that will relax facial wrinkles. I... READ MORE

How can I address nasolabial folds around mouth and discoloration of upper lips? (photos)

Hello. I am a 26yr old South American woman who has had marionette/ape-like lines around my mouth all of my life. After 6 years of braces... READ MORE

What will eradicate all my upper lip lines and muffin chin? (photos)

Chin lines and pore seem to have formed into lined wringles and getting worse need to know what's best and where to get a good cosmetic surgeon help !... READ MORE

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