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What is Optimal Percentage of Tretinoin?

I am 23 and I currently do not have any wrinkles, however I have been using Tretinoin for the past year for the prevention of wrinkles as I have read... READ MORE

Tretinoin for Lines in Under Eye Area?

Would you recommend using tretinoin cream in the under eye area for lines? READ MORE

What Strength Trentinoin Cream Can Be Used on Upper/lower Eyelid Wrinkles?

I have been using tretinoin .025% on my face for a week now for sundamage treatment, but I am more concerned about the terrible premature eyelid... READ MORE

Tretinoin 0.025% to Prevent Aging on the Neck, Chest, and Hands?

I just started using Tretinoin 0,025% for about 3weeks to prevent wrinkles and to treat mild acne and so far so good. I would like to know if I could... READ MORE

I Have Been Using Trentonin .25 for a Few Months, What Other Creams Are Best Used with It?

Can I use resveratrol with trentonin? I am treating my face for fine wrinkles and slight sagging. Also,an aesthetician told me it is best to use... READ MORE

What are my options for thin and crepey skin under my eyes? (photos)

I received Botox last summer for my crow's feet and started using Tretinoin cream. I'm not sure why, but my the area under my eyes formed horrible... READ MORE

How long does it take for .1% tretinoin to really work on wrinkles? Also, it's not working on my blackheads on my nose. (photo)

I started using .025 tretinoin beginning of February. I did this for 2 weeks and noticed it didn't dry out my face. I got the strength, .05 and used... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for fine lines? (Photo)

Hello! I am a 27 year old woman who has had acne her whole life, I went on Accutane and now I use tretinoin cream 0.025% nightly. I was careless when... READ MORE

Are tretinoids/ retinoids/ adapalene effective against wrinkles on hands, knees?

A plastic surgeon told me that facial skin differs drastically from skin on decolletee, and hands. therefore, surgery cannot be performed on hands -... READ MORE

Best up to date treatment for laugh lines around the eyes

With all of the new technology out there, what is the absolute best wrinkle treatment? Esp. laugh lines around eyes. My wrinkles aren't deep right but... READ MORE

I'm 20. What can I do to prevent wrinkles from forming?

I use tretinoin 0.025% every other night with a moisturizer over it. I drink water, and I don't smoke or tan. I use an SPF everyday. I was thinking... READ MORE

Isotretinoin Vs Tretinoin, What Are Your Thoughts?

Does isotretinoin activate any RAR receptors in the skin? And how does isotretinoin compare with tretinoin? READ MORE

Looking for the best treatment for shallow static wrinkles, light dynamic wrinkles, and areas of hyperpigmentation. (Photo)

I am 35, use sunscreen religiously and have several locations of hyperpigmentation on my face. They have faded only slightly with use of retin A for... READ MORE

Will tretinoin 0.025% be effective for wrinkles around and under the eyes?

Am 23 years old. I have an acne prone skin and so my dermatologist prescribed me tretinoin 0.025%. I have been using it almost a month now. And i have... READ MORE

My neck is burned and wrinkled. What should I do? (Photo)

I am 63 years old and use retinol with moisturizer every night in my neck. Some times i use a very small amount of tretinoin also combined with... READ MORE

Under eye wrinkles.

I am currently using tretinon for under my eyes. Is there any other products that I can be using/or doing READ MORE

Retin A Regime

Im about to start 0.025% tretinoin cream for anti-aging on my whole face. Please advise the best regime! Can i add moisturiser after applying? If so,... READ MORE

My crepy eyes and wrinkles look worse since I have been on tretion with obaji nu-derm. Any suggestions? (photos)

U have been on my nu-derm for 8 weeks now. I do love the results but it had made my eyes look more wrinkly. I am pleased to hear that I can use things... READ MORE

What is the treatment for dynamic wrinkles associated with connective tissue disease and/or Retin-A use? (Photo)

I have had dynamic wrinkles since I was a teenager (smiling, cheeks and lateral eyes). I have Erhlers Danlos Syndrome. I used Retin-A for acne (it was... READ MORE

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