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Treatment for Tear Troughs and Thin Undereye Skin?

I went to a doctor out of town for correction of my tear troughs, he told me that since I had such thin skin underneath my eyes, Restylane might not... READ MORE

What can I do about crepey/thin skin on my forehead? (photos)

I'm just wondering what my options are. I am 35 and I haven't had any cosmetic procedures, my skin is generally healthy and younger looking than my... READ MORE

29-fem, Thinning Lower Eyelids, Deep Tear Troughs, High Cheekbones/thick Cheeks, Dynamic Wrinkles? (photo)

My lower eyelids seem to have rapidly thinned out (1st noticed 3 months ago after 3 weeks of 10lb weight loss and intensive squinting over 10 hr daily... READ MORE

What are the different things I can try to improve crepey and thin skin on my forearms? 45 year old female. (photo)

The skin on my lower arms is starting to look really bad - the skin looks thin and the "lines" in it are very noticeable - especially if I stretch the... READ MORE

Recommendations Wrinkles Under Eyes? Thin Skin, Light, Sensitive Skin.

In mid-thrties and beginning to notice wrinkles under eyes. My skin is very thin, light and sensitive so I'm afraid of making it worse with agressive... READ MORE

Vertical lines above upper lip (photos)

Hi, 4 months ago I've noticed some vertical lines above my upper lip. I am 42 years old, never smoked, don't expose myself to sunlight without... READ MORE

Best solution for premature eye wrinkles + crepey skin. (Photos)

I have some early wrinkling (fine lines) under + around my eyes. The skin is thin and crepey, which I believe is a combination of genetics and steroid... READ MORE

Treatments or creams for under eye wrinkles for 21-year old? (photos)

My undereye skin is thin and wrinkles so easy! I hate smiling and feel like I age up when I do. I've tried under eye creams and after a few days of... READ MORE

Why is my skin so thin and damaged? (Photos)

I'm only 21 and the skin on my face looks really old and wrinkled, especially the skin under the eye and between the cheeks. I have noticed that my... READ MORE

Retinol for thin and sensitive skin?

30 year old female. Thin, fair,very sensitive skin. started using Brightamax creme by ZoMedical (has lowest retinol %) for sun spots and wrinkles.... READ MORE

Suggestions for under eye lines when smiling, 22 year old. (photos)

I am 22 years old and I have worn SPF 40 sunscreen every day for the last 10 years. I have always had thinner skin (with some blue/purple tones) under... READ MORE

How Long Should I Use Differin to Reduce Wrinkles , Before It Damages my Skin? I'm 60 Yrs. Young and my Skin is Thinner Than It.

How Long Should I Use Differin to Reduce Wrinkles , Before It Damages my Skin? I'm 60 Yrs. Young and my Skin is Thinner Than It. READ MORE

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