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Treatment for Tear Troughs and Thin Undereye Skin?

I went to a doctor out of town for correction of my tear troughs, he told me that since I had such thin skin underneath my eyes, Restylane might not... READ MORE

Solution for Deep Lateral Creases Where Cheek and Under Eye Area Meet?

I have deep lateral creases where my cheek and under eye area meet when I smile. Is there anything I can do to puff out the creases or fill the gap... READ MORE

Best Tear Troughs and Jowls Procedure for a Younger Look?

I would like to know what procedure would be best for me to look younger if I could only afford one. I really hate the "tear troughs" under... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Dark Undereye Teartroughs? (photo)

I'm a 26 year old healthy african american male with these dark deep-wrinkled tear trough hollows. I have had them since i was a kid. I've... READ MORE

29-fem, Thinning Lower Eyelids, Deep Tear Troughs, High Cheekbones/thick Cheeks, Dynamic Wrinkles? (photo)

My lower eyelids seem to have rapidly thinned out (1st noticed 3 months ago after 3 weeks of 10lb weight loss and intensive squinting over 10 hr daily... READ MORE

What Kind of Treatment Addresses Very Thin Lines in Tear Trough Area?

26 year-old male In the tear trough area there are these very thin semi-circlar lines. I don't think they're normal fine lines. I first... READ MORE

I have wrinkles at 17, nasolabial folds and tear troughs. Why do I have these and how can I treat them? (Photo)

Hi have these wrinkles under my eyes all the way down to my cheeks I thin they are called tear through and wrinkles on my nasolabial folds. Why do I... READ MORE

I have a line in my tear trough that is separating my check from my nose, it looks like a line! Any suggestions? (photo)

What is the best course of action to fill in these big lines in my face? It makes me self conscious to smile! I don't look like myself. I feel like... READ MORE

Which treatment would be best for the (dark) circles and wrinkles under my eyes? (photos)

Is my tear trough already deep enough to be filled or could a fraxel laser treatment be the solution for my eye area? I tried a little botox under my... READ MORE

What would be the best approach for my under eye wrinkles and tear troughs? (Photo)

I'm 25 years old and looking for a long term solution that will look natural as I age. READ MORE

Are the lines under my eyes tear troughs? (Photos)

For about a year now, I've developed lines starting from the corner of my eyes that continue down my cheek. From research, I believe they are tear... READ MORE

How do I get rid of my smile lines and tear troughs? What are the best procedures?

I'm 19 years old but I've always had my smile lines and tear troughs since I was a kid. I've inherited them from my parents but I don't like the way... READ MORE

Permanent ways to fix hollow tear troughs? (Photo)

Are there any permanent ways to fix the under eye wrinkles and tear troughs that give me the tired look? READ MORE

What is the best treatment or surgery options for damage to the tear trough area due to smoking? (Photo)

I have damage to the area from years of smoking (no longer a smoker). I currently have fillers and botox. I would like to achieve a more youthful... READ MORE

Is Delfogo Rx Deep Wrinkle serum able to help fill tear troughs?

In their product description tear troughs are one of the 'treatable' areas for this serum. This is the only product I have seen on the internet that... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for dynamic under eye wrinkles at age 27? (photos)

The wrinkles under my eyes make me appear much older than I am. I am 27 and have been told I look 35. I have become extremely self conscious about... READ MORE

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