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What is the Best Treatment to Get Rid of Wrinkles Above the Upper Lip?

I have wrinkles that I hate above my upper lip. I know they are from sun damage and not smoking since I am a long distance runner. READ MORE

Sun Damage Causing Wrinkles on my Legs. Will Velashape Fix This?

And how often maientience I'm not interested in weight loss or cellulite READ MORE

Best Treatments for Female with Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Sun Damage

I am a 58 year old female with fine lines and wrinkles. I also have some sun damage. My doctor is recommending limelight facial for the sun damage... READ MORE

Sun Damage Indentation Lines to Upper Cheeks

I have indentation lines above the cheek muscle/ below my eyes. I had juverderm to plump but lines are still there. I had 5 IPL treatments previous to... READ MORE

Treatment for Premature Wrinkles from Sun Damage?

I'm 25 with fair skin and have spent a lot of time in the sun. Since I first noticed a minor skin damage 2 years ago, I have been avoiding the sun and... READ MORE

Deep Muscle Lines from Smoking?

I am 30 and have always smoked, I quit two years ago. last year I had some sun damage resulting in melasma. Im slowly getting the melasma under... READ MORE

I'm only 22 – What has caused my crows feet and sleep lines?

I'm 22 yrs w/ deep crows feet, & sleep lines under my eyes. I'm too young for wrinkles, I feel my youth has been taken away :'((I have started Retin-... READ MORE

Help! 23 with under eye wrinkles! (Photo)

I am 23 and I feel like my under eyes should not look like this!! The top picture is me not smiling and bottom picture is me smiling. Could this be... READ MORE

Aging, wrinkled skin on my arms... Otherwise I look pretty good. Any suggestions?

I was horrified to see recent photos of myself with 'old lady arms'. I am in my early 60s and most people guess my age to be around 50. So my question... READ MORE

Follow-up to first question: What can be done to repair sun damage? (photo)

No rash in the area. I have tanned for many years outside. I believe I am going through early menopause. . I have recently been put on an estrogen... READ MORE

Deep wrinkles and crevices on Decolletage. Any suggestions?

I am struggling to find what would best help this area. I tried photos but they are not coming out clearly. I'm 49 but am fair and red head so very... READ MORE

What can be done to eliminate wrinkles under my eyes, over the center of my cheeks? (Photo)

I have hollows under my eyes and the skin there is sun damaged. When I smile my i get cracks/wrinkles over the center of my cheeks. I know the crows... READ MORE

I have small wrinkles starting at age 29. What are my options? (photos)

So I am no newbie to the fillers and Botox. I have my lips done and also botox and have had a fraxal laser 2.5 years ago to get rid of past sun damage... READ MORE

What are my options to treat wrinkles under-eyes? (Photo)

In the past year the excess skin around my eyes has increased. I feel like I've aged significantly and pretty self conscious when smiling. I used... READ MORE

Laser/Chemical Peel and Botox/filler combination

I have had botox now (2 years) around my eye area and Juvederm too hoping that the static lines from sun damage/smoking would be erased. I'm only 28,... READ MORE

What can be done about UNDER EYE wrinkles?

I am 35, very fair, sun damage, aging faster than I would like. I have had Botox on my crows feet and forehead and had mixed results - my eyebrows... READ MORE

Significant wrinkling under eyes? (Photos)

When smiling the skin under my eyes crinkles all together and looks awful. When no expression is made it is not significant. Have had Botox and have... READ MORE

Cutera 3D Rejuvenation for Chest Wrinkles?

I am seeking advice on what treatment to do for chest wrinkles due to sun damage. I am looking into the Cutera 3D Rejuvination for my face and would... READ MORE

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