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Best Way to Get Rid of Smoker Lines on Upper Lip?

Am not really a big smoker, just socially on weekends at most. That has not stoped smoker lines from showing on upper lips area. What can I do to... READ MORE

Non Surgical Lip Lines Treatment for Former Smoker?

I quit smoking after 27 years. I never had lines above my lips until about 6 months ago.I quit 2 years ago. I am 44 years old and they seem to get... READ MORE

Best Wrinkle Treatment for Mouth, Chin and Forehead?

What would be the best procedure for wrinkles around the mouth, chin and forehead? I am 47 yrs old, smoker, soon to be ex smoker? I thought of the... READ MORE

Is There Any Way That I Could Get Rid of my Wrinkles Permanently?

I have wrinkles around my lips and on my forehead. I used some anti aging creams, they did not get rid of my wrinkles but gave me bad acne. Now I want... READ MORE

I'm 24 yrs old with forehead lines. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

People of my age don't have nearly as deep. I smoked since 12 till 22 but quit 2 years ago. Also wear SYLA at night which kinda helps but still... READ MORE

Crows feet at 17 years old? (photos)

So I'm a 17 year old girl, and I've noticed I have really bad wrinkles around my eyes, much heavier than most people my age. They are quite deep and... READ MORE

How do I address pre-mature aging after quitting smoking at 25? (photos)

Hi, I started smoking at 16 and have been on and off since 24. I have quit, but I don't know besides skincare regimen (I work in skincare) how to... READ MORE

21 Year Old With Fine Lines Under Eyes? (photo)

Several years of avid smoking as well as poor lifestyle choices (leading to one too many consecutive all-nighters combined with little to no food)... READ MORE

Severe Wrinkles on eyelids? (Photos)

I have wrinkles on my eyelids it started forming few years back but I see that they are getting worse, I want to know what treatment can help with... READ MORE

Mid 20s with deep laugh lines. (Photos)

Hi there. Question about my laugh lines. They are very deep, and in my opinion deeper than they should be for my age. I have no other wrinkles at all... READ MORE

What's the best option for treating sagging and wrinkles around mouth? (Photo)

Female. 40s. History of smoking. I'm not able to afford a mid-face lift procedure at this time. Until I can, what can be done about the wrinkles... READ MORE

I'm 36 and smoked for 15 years, what can I do about extremely loose skin around my eyes? (photo)

It bothers me to the point of depression now. I just turned 36. I've smoked for 15+ years and work out in the sun with no protection. I have olive... READ MORE

Which treatments for wrinkles and loose skin for a 22 years old man? (photos)

I'm starting to have wrinkles between my eyebrows and loose skin on my cheeks and I would like to know what can I do for that? The loose skin on my... READ MORE

Procedure that treat fine lines/wrinkles, enlarged pores, mild acne scarring, and mildly uneven pigmentation all at once?(photo)

I'm a 36 year old female (smoker), and I have fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Some mild scarring from acne. Enlarged pores on my... READ MORE

Under eye lines/prominent nasolabial folds at 25? Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello! I'm 25,a former (light) smoker and am looking for recommendations for smoothing out my under eye area and the folds of either side of my mouth. READ MORE

What is the best way to get rid of upper lip lines?

Ex smoker.. quit 10 years ago. 64 yo. cannot get rid of lip lines. READ MORE

Treatment for Deep Mouth Lines from Smoking?

What treatment do you recommend for very deep lines around the mouth area from years of smoking? READ MORE

Had smile lines at high school, high cheek bones. Embarrassing 41 face cracks up. Fine lines appearing smoker/drinker?

What do you recommend? way too many for bottox, drink loads of water, buy all the cosmetics....and have not really ever warn sunscreen, neck shows it... READ MORE

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