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Treatment for Crepey Skin on Cheeks?

My problem is that about 6 months ago, I started to develop crepey skin on my cheeks. The thing is that the wrinkles only appear when I laugh, which... READ MORE

Treatment for Wrinkles Around Mouth and Jowls?

I would like to have something done for wrinkles around my mouth. The lines are from the corner of my mouth leading down to my chin. I also look like... READ MORE

Renova Around the Eyes?

I have heard of people using Renova and other tretinoin products around the eyes with great success in treating fines lines/wrinkles. I've also... READ MORE

If Skin Replaces Itself, Why Do We Get Wrinkles?

If the skin replaces itself with new fresh skin why do we get wrinkles? Shouldnt the skin be replaced with new skin? How long doesthe skin take to... READ MORE

Small Lines Causing Shadowing Around my Mouth?

I'm only 22, and have dark shadows around my mouth only can see it sometime, but always in photos. I hate it. I think it's because I'm getting small... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Fine Lines and Sagging Skin?

I am 51 and have fine lines, no acne, some sagging around the jowl line and good skin texture. What procedure should I get considering my needs?... READ MORE

How to Make Prematurely-aged Skin Young Again?

I am 27 and I have been a sunworshipper since about 15. I am more cautious and safe the past two years, but I see the fine lines. My skin is a bit... READ MORE

What Can Be Done on Tiny Wrinkles in Mouth Area?

I have these horrible tiny wrinkles only on one side of my mouth. It only takes a little movement of my face to make them come out, and they are not... READ MORE

Exercising Facial Muscles to Smooth Wrinkles?

Device used to make facial muscles contract. Does this improve tightening of skin? READ MORE

Slight fine line in nasolabial fold area. Very fine lines under eye but hard to see in the pic. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was also bit on the right cheek by a lg dog as a child, so I only have one dimple now on my left. I think it may have messed up some of the... READ MORE

Have noticed smile lines that are still there when my face is relaxed. How do I fix this? (photo)

I am 28 years old and feel as though my skin is aging fast. Don't know if this has anything to do with washing my face twice a day or the fact that I... READ MORE

Pores, uneven skin and wrinkles. (photos)

What can I do for my open pores, rough looking skin texture and wrinkles, especially the wrinkles underneath my eyes. My doctors will not do anything... READ MORE

Deep under eye wrinkles (Photo)

I am in my mid fortes and have deep wrinkles under eye . I was told I could do surgery but I won't see much difference . It's a bit of skin/fat under... READ MORE

I'm only 23 yo, and I seem to be aging quick rapidly. (photos)

My eyes are sunken in, wrinkles all over my face. What procedures or treatments should I get to get bsmoother skin? READ MORE

Wrinkles and leathery skin on legs. (Photo)

What treatments are available for wrinkly, elephant-like skin on legs? Also a problem on arms. READ MORE

Is there any evidence that topical Coenzyme Q10 enters skin cells when applied topically?

I read a great deal of evidence about the efficacy of topical vitamin C, but there does not seem to be as much evidence that Coenzyme Q10 penetrates... READ MORE

I Am 41, Fit, I Have Wrinkled Skin on Inner Elbow & Forearms is There Treatment for This?

I did alot of sunbathing in the past, and have been dealing with alot stress recently . Lost about 10 pounds really quick. Arms and hands look alot... READ MORE

How Does Tretinoin Work to Reduce Fine Lines?

I've been using tretinoin 0.025% for about 2 months. Had no peeling, swelling, redness... Recently (about 5 days ago) I switched to 0.050% and then I... READ MORE

Topical Product Crepey Skin on the Eyelids?

What topical product would you recommend for crepey skin on the eyelids and around the eye area? READ MORE

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