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Premature Wrinkles at 16?

I am 16 and I think that I might have premature wrinkels, and I am not sure on what to do to get rid of them. I do not drink coffee, though I do apply... READ MORE

Any suggestions for forehead wrinkles and creases between eye brows? (photos)

I am 44 and I have noticed that I'm getting forehead wrinkles and creases in between my eyebrows. What can I do to treat it, non surgical? I have very... READ MORE

what is the best treatment for Under Eye Wrinkles? (photo)

What the best results ( without complications) to get rid of under eyes wrinkles and smooth the skin ( I have enlarged pores, my skin is very white... READ MORE

Recommendations Wrinkles Under Eyes? Thin Skin, Light, Sensitive Skin.

In mid-thrties and beginning to notice wrinkles under eyes. My skin is very thin, light and sensitive so I'm afraid of making it worse with agressive... READ MORE

Premature wrinkles - how to prevent them from getting worse?

I am 23 years old with wrinkles that suddenly started to develop 4 months ago. My chest has wrinkles, I have hollow under eyes with creases, upper... READ MORE

What is the best way to avoid under-eye wrinkles and cheek wrinkles?

I have just turned 30 and have very sensitive skin. I am beginning to notice the first signs of ageing around my eyes and in between my eyebrows where... READ MORE

What can be done for my under eye wrinkles? I'm only 20 (Photo)

I am 20 years old and close to 21. I have these ugly lines under my eyes. My mom does not have these and she is 40. I do not smoke and I am not a... READ MORE

Long wrinkles under eyes - What is the best treatment? (photos)

Hello, I'm 43 and have long fine lines under both eyes that extend well below the tear trough. I try to stay out of the sun, so I think these are... READ MORE

Retinol for thin and sensitive skin?

30 year old female. Thin, fair,very sensitive skin. started using Brightamax creme by ZoMedical (has lowest retinol %) for sun spots and wrinkles.... READ MORE

Wrinkle on side of mouth - normal for 23 years old? Also bumpy face skin texture - milia? Clogged pores?

The skin on my face is very bumpy. The bumps are flesh-coloured , and mostly on the lower half of my face. My face is sometimes itchy, so maybe it's a... READ MORE

Does Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair moisturizer/olay regenerist works for sensitive skin and light wrinkles? (Photo)

Does Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair moisturizer or olay regenerist works for sensitive skin for light wrinkles. ??? Does it cause any redness or... READ MORE

AFFIRM? 27 Years Old, Caucasian, Fair, Sensitive Skin. Normally Use IPL and Like It. Need Something for First Wrinkles!

I like how IPL helps with freckling and evening out my skin tone. I have 2 wrinkles on my forehead, 2 on sides of my mouth, and some around my eyes... READ MORE

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