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Best Laser Treatment for Large Pores and Under Eye Wrinkles

For some time now, I have been looking for a treatment to get rid of my under eye wrinkles (they are genetic I guess - I have had them since I was 13)... READ MORE

Options for Deep Wrinkles on Stomach After Pregnancy?

I am a 22 year gogo dancer in Las Vegas. I used to perform in nightclubs and casinos all over and now I cant book a job. After my pregnancy with twins... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Facial Wrinkling and Sagging Chin?

I am a very youngish 70 years old and am not happy with the wrinkles on my face and around my eyes, and the sagging on my neck. My skin is light with... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Cheek Wrinkles Due to Sagging?

I'm 39 and my face is falling apart. I have wrinkles over my entire face due to sagging. The wrinkles are worst when I'm smiling but they are... READ MORE

Can Autoimmune or Thyroid Medical Conditions Cause Premature Aging?

I just turned 30 and literally overnight I noticed wrinkles under my eyes and a significant sag in my eyelids. Why is this happening so early? Could... READ MORE

Longevity of Under Eye Wrinkle and Sagging Neck Treatment Results?

I had a lower and upper Blepharoplasty 8 years ago. I was very happy amazed with the results, but now, I look bad due to under eye bags again. Upper... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Fine Lines and Sagging Skin?

I am 51 and have fine lines, no acne, some sagging around the jowl line and good skin texture. What procedure should I get considering my needs?... READ MORE

What Can I Do for the Wrinkles and Saggy Knee Look. Please Advise.

What Can I Do for the Wrinkles and Saggy Knee Look.  Please Advise. READ MORE

Best Skin Tightening Option for my Problem Areas?

I am 48 years old and I've always had pretty apparent nasolabial folds, and over the last 5-6 years a less chiseled chin. I'm not, however, overweight... READ MORE

Is there a way to reverse facial damage from premolar extractions? I am extremely depressed. What recourse do I have?

18 months ago, my ortho recommended I get 4 premolar extractions and braces to correct my overjet. My teeth were already straight and beautiful, but... READ MORE

I Am in my Twenties and Need to Fix Sagging and a Marionette Line Just on my Left Side of my Face? (photo)

I am happy with the right side of my face but the left side of my face looks old and is sagging, and has a deep marionette line. Are cheek implants... READ MORE

Im 33 Years Old and Noticing Skin Sagging Around my Lips?

I have very high cheek bones and it looks like my cheeks are sagging. I guess they're called parentheses lines. Its really affecting my self image of... READ MORE

Best treatment for lower face wrinkles & lost elasticity? (Photo)

Hi, I'm late 40s & starting to notice more pronounced sagging & looseness of the skin in my lower face causing deep wrinkles, hollowness, slight jowls... READ MORE

I'm 46 and want to treat under eye wrinkles and sagging jowls (Photo)

I have a some under eye wrinkles and crepey skin, a few age spots, some minor acne scars, and sagging jowls and a waddle. I would like to know the... READ MORE

What's the best option for treating sagging and wrinkles around mouth? (Photo)

Female. 40s. History of smoking. I'm not able to afford a mid-face lift procedure at this time. Until I can, what can be done about the wrinkles... READ MORE

Does "Facial Yoga" or "Facersise" work to improve?

I've recently seen quite an increase in the amount of people doing and claiming, that facial yoga excercise can reverse sagging and reduce wrinkles as... READ MORE

Why did I get nasolabial folds and marionette lines so suddenly? (photos)

I've never had an issue with wrinkles before, but in the past year I've developed deep lines in my face. My also face feels sort of saggy overall. I'm... READ MORE

43 year old female, I have terrible sagging jowls and marionette lines. What is best treatment for this area at my age? (Photo)

The lower portion of my face looks like a 60-year-old to me. It is common of the women in my family to have this sagging, unfortunately. It makes me... READ MORE

Sudden Wrinkled Eyelids and Static Crow's Feet at a Young Age? (photo)

Hi, I'm barely 29 and have noticed a sudden aging of my eyelids in the past few months. I'm concerned it may be due to rubbing my eyes from... READ MORE

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