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Is There Any Way That I Could Get Rid of my Wrinkles Permanently?

I have wrinkles around my lips and on my forehead. I used some anti aging creams, they did not get rid of my wrinkles but gave me bad acne. Now I want... READ MORE

Best Way to Remove 11 Lines for Good?

Hello, I have deep lines from squinting between my eyebrows I was wondering what would be the best way to remove these permanently ? Im a 21 year old... READ MORE

What are the deep lines that go across the top of my cheek called and is there a good permanent treatment? (photos)

I have a deep line on each side of my face that goes across the top of my cheek. Is that a tear trough? What is a good permanent solution? Does a fat... READ MORE

Botox for a Six Month Change the Money is a Waste. Looking for a Longer Lasting Option then That?

Looking for a longer lasting option then botox, that is ok if you going to a wedding or something but I'm looking for a more permanent solution such a... READ MORE

Permanent Procedure to Get Rid of Lip Wrinkles?

I'm in my early 20s and I suffer from severe vertical lip wrinkles , I just started using a gentle scrub daily and lip balm to keep them... READ MORE

Is there a long term solution for permanent wrinkles caused by topical steroids?

I used topical steroid gel for a period of about 2 years for long term inflammatory acne that dermatologists couldn't seem to cure. I have finally... READ MORE

Do Dennie Morgan lines go away with allergy treatment?

2 months ago I suddenly developed deep dennie morgan lines under my eyes. I am only 18 and they don't seem to be fading whatsoever. Are these permanent? READ MORE

Permanent Treatment for Lines from Below the Lip to Chin?

I have these lines that start about 1 inch in under my bottom lip and run a few inches down my chin. I used Botox and that helps but I'd like to have... READ MORE

What are my options for (permanently) smoothing the lines on the skin around my eyes- especially under my eyes? (photos)

I am 23 years old & hate my eye wrinkles. I will not be able to get Botox continuously (fiancé has said NO), so I am looking to do a one-time ... READ MORE

Any suggestion on a treatment or a surgical procedure for my forehead wrinkles? (photos)

I'm 28 years old Male, I must say that I started to get wrinkles on my forehead region at age 25 and my wrinkles started to get deep year after year... READ MORE

I'm 24 yrs old. What is the best treatment for nasolabial folds at a young age? Is there a permanent way to erase them? (photo)

Im 24 and on the right side of my face the nasolabial fold appeared. I thought that I had a few years ahead of me with no wrinkles. It makes me look... READ MORE

Are these lines permanent and how can I fix them without fillers? If I have to get fillers are Fat injections best? (Photos)

I believe these are Denie Morgan lines from allergies, which have gotten worse over the last years. I'm trying to get my allergies in control but I'm... READ MORE

As I seem to be in the tiny minority on whom Botox does not work what would anybody recommend for my awful eye wrinkles? (Photo)

Myobloc is the only botulism that works & then only for 4-6 weeks. At £400 a pop this isn't a viable solution. I need something more permanant . I am ... READ MORE

I have under eye wrinkles from solarium. I'm 19 years old. Are they permanent? (Photo)

Im 19 years old male i used my sister small house solarium for about 1 hr and i didnt know i needed goggles so next day i wake up and got wrinkles... READ MORE

What treatment/surgery can permanently remove forehead wrinkles?

I have a W" shape on the lower part of my forehead that extends across the entire forehead. I have had one botox treatment which only helped slightly... READ MORE

25 and deep 11's make me look really angry. (photos)

Ever since childhood I've had these deep lines between my eyebrows. I was quite an angry child/teen/young adult and it's only the last year or so I've... READ MORE

Deeper wrinkles/forehead area and especially around my mouth and sagging (jowls). What's the best permanent treatment? (Photo)

Since I have thin skin, I am concerned about aggressive laser treatments but I definitely want a permanent result. I am not interested in going under... READ MORE

56 year old woman with sleep wrinkles. Any suggestions to help reduce them and/or tighten them without surgery or lasers?(photo)

I have wrinkling around my eyes, but my biggest concern are the sleep creases/wrinkles next to both eyes and slightly on my cheeks. I first noticed... READ MORE

Used Dermafill For Months, But It's Caused Facial Asymmetry. Is It Permanent?

I have been using Natura Bisse Inhibit Dermafill. Its a cream for wrinkles. it contains: Octamioxyl Plus: a NATURA BISSÉ blend that contains... READ MORE

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