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Treatment for Eyelid Wrinkling?

Over the last couple of months, I have noticed swelling/wrinkling of my eyelids, particularly towards the nose. One is worse than the other. I am 33... READ MORE

Horizontal Wrinkle Across Bridge of the Nose Between Eyes

Over the past year I began to notice the appearance of a horizontal wrinkle across the bride of my nose between my eyes. This wrinkle appears at the... READ MORE

Are there any procedures to get rid of a transverse nasal crease? How much would it cost me?

I recently noticed a line on my nose and it's slightly getting more noticeable. I asked my doctor and she said it was a Transverse Nasal Crease caused... READ MORE

I have a "deep " wrinkle in between my eyebrows and above my nose. What is the best filler? (photos)

I have a "deep " wrinkle in between mt eyebrows above my nose. What is the best filler . I tried Botox a few years ago once, but it did not do anything READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for lines between nose and upper lips? (photos)

Dear Doctor, Recently I have noticed a straight line starting from end of my upper lips to my nose. It is only on left side of my face. So in one side... READ MORE

How long does it take for .1% tretinoin to really work on wrinkles? Also, it's not working on my blackheads on my nose. (photo)

I started using .025 tretinoin beginning of February. I did this for 2 weeks and noticed it didn't dry out my face. I got the strength, .05 and used... READ MORE

I Have a Very Deep Crease in Bridge of Nose, It's Horizontal. Options?

What can I use to get rid of the deep horizontal crease just above my nose, it's very annoying. READ MORE

Is There a Permanent Solution for Extreme Bunny Lines?

I think bunny lines are cute. But my nose is on the large size and the muscles on my nose seem to be the strongest muscles I own. When I laugh the... READ MORE

Nasolabial Folds 11s, Enlarged Pores and Broken Veins on the Nose? (photo)

In general, the things that I'd like to change about my face are: Reduce appearance of nasolabial folds (they don't have to be completely gone, just... READ MORE

I Have Wrinkles on my Nose (The Tip Area), Very Distressing, Never Seen Them Before on Anyone Else?

I am a woman in my forties going through a time of stress. These lines on my nose seem to have appeared overnight. I do have a slightly upturned... READ MORE

I have a line in my tear trough that is separating my check from my nose, it looks like a line! Any suggestions? (photo)

What is the best course of action to fill in these big lines in my face? It makes me self conscious to smile! I don't look like myself. I feel like... READ MORE

Any suggestions for procerus muscle? (photos)

I was told by a Doctor in Michigan that there is nothing they can do for the deep wrinkle I have on the bridge of my nose. It was very discouraging. I... READ MORE

Horizontal Line (Bridge of Nose). What are the possible ways to correct such a wrinkle. (photos)

There is a horizontal line at the bridge of my nose as shown in the attached picture, what are the possible ways to correct such a wrinkle. My age is... READ MORE

Too much wrinkles on forehead and side on nose. How can I solve this problem? I don't want plastic surgery.

Too Much wrinkles on forehead and side on nose.. I am still 20 years old but too much stress about my wrinkle.. how can i solve this problem.. i don't... READ MORE

How to Eliminate Lines Under the Eyes?

Today is my third week post-Accutane--I'm all clear. The only symptom persiting is the redness, but I have noticed these big lines under my eyes and... READ MORE

I'm 15 and I have wrinkles on my forehead, nose, and around my lips. Could this be from sun exposure?

Could this be from my skin being exposed to the sun for a long period of time? READ MORE

18 Year old starting to develop wrinkles on the sides of nose? (photo)

I'm an 18 year old and i've been noticing these wrinkles appearing on the side of my nose. I am not sure what they are called. I don't have a... READ MORE

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