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Which Treatment is Best for Deep Laugh Lines with Loss of Collagen?

I have lost some weight and my face is much thinner but now I have what I have been told is loss of collagen in my cheek area which is causing... READ MORE

Effective Wrinkle Cream for Laugh Lines?

I'm 38 and getting married at the end of January. I was planning to get Botox for the two vertical lines between my brows, but am not sure what to do... READ MORE

What is the Most Effective Treatment for Laugh Lines Around the Mouth? (photo)

I'm 23 and starting to develop small wrinkles around my mouth from laughing too much and want to get rid of them + prevent them from getting worse READ MORE

Best Treatment for Deep Laugh Lines and Vertical Lip Lines?

I am a 62-year-old woman. I have deep laugh lines and vertical lines on the lip. I have tried and tried Botox, even some Juvederm, but I can't see... READ MORE

How Much Does Smoothing out Nasolabial Folds Cost?

I am 46, healthy, and athletic. I have laugh lines and little folds that bother me. I would like my folds smoothen out. How much would that cost me? READ MORE

I'm 23 and I have only just developed deepened laugh lines on my face and increased lumps under my lips. What can I do? (Photo)

What do I do about the laugh lines? Any topical a? Safest fillers? What do I do about the lumps under the lips? I'm trying to treat rosacea with... READ MORE

How to Eliminate Extended Wrinkles from Laugh Lines?

I currently have little lines that which extend horrizontally from my laugh lines (all though some extend in same direction). Which procedures or... READ MORE

I am 24 years old and I have quite noticeable laugh line on my left cheek?

It is not very deep but it makes me look older and I don't like it. What should I do about it. READ MORE

Turned 30, suddenly deep laugh lines. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello, I've always had dry and somewhat acne-prone skin but in the past 6months or so deep laugh lines appeared on the side of my mouth. I laugh a lot... READ MORE

What is the best non surgical treatment for crows feet and laugh lines after 40? (Photo)

I have been using grocery store grade night cream (Oil of Olay, Ponds, Loreal) for 10 years and have not been consistent with sunscreen. I turned 40... READ MORE

Do you think in my case it would suffice with change of lifestyle to seriously reduce the prominence of my laugh lines? (Photo)

I am 27 years old. The photos were taken after a few hour sleep . That's why they look so prominent. I've noticed that if I sleep well, drink lots of... READ MORE

Want to get rid of deep laugh lines around my mouth. (photos)

I'm 36 y/o female. I've had fluctuations in my weight and I also smile a lot so I suppose it's a combination of that and my age. I don't smoke but do... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Deep Laugh Lines in a Black Male?

Which filler offers the best treatment for deep laugh lines in a 59 year old black male? READ MORE

Best up to date treatment for laugh lines around the eyes

With all of the new technology out there, what is the absolute best wrinkle treatment? Esp. laugh lines around eyes. My wrinkles aren't deep right but... READ MORE

I'm 28 yr old male & have laugh lines that stand out and creased skin in top of eyes (frowning). What can I do to fix it?(photo)

I delevoped this weird habit were i frown all the time and over the years it has given me creases in my skin which is disgusting. I also have laugh... READ MORE

How do I get rid of laugh lines around mouth?

I'm only 15 and I already have very noticeable smile lines. Is there something I can do to get rid of them? should I stop smiling so much? Im... READ MORE

Advice about removal of laugh lines and crow feet / dark circles? (photos)

I'm 36 & concerned with the laugh lines and crow feet with dark circles ( see the image attached). Recently, following a strict diet plan and exercise... READ MORE

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