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Fine Horizontal Lines and Deep Wrinkles Across Forehead

I have fine horizonal lines that run across my entire forehead and deeper vertical wrinkles. Would a combination of laser treatments and fillers or... READ MORE

Do you think in my case it would suffice with change of lifestyle to seriously reduce the prominence of my laugh lines? (Photo)

I am 27 years old. The photos were taken after a few hour sleep . That's why they look so prominent. I've noticed that if I sleep well, drink lots of... READ MORE

Under eye wrinkles. What is the best and most effective treatment? (Photo)

I am a 49 y/o female and within the last 6 months I have noticed quite an increase in undereye wrinkles.What is the best and most effective treatment... READ MORE

Best procedure for fine lines (smile lines) for 28 year old?

I'm only 28 but have smile lines already. While they are somewhat fine lines they are very pronounced. I'd like to know what the most effective... READ MORE

What is the best method for me to get rid of the wrinkles under my eyes; Fillers or laser? (photos)

What is the best method for me to get rid of the wrinkles under my eyes? I don't notice them as much when my face is at rest but when I smile they are... READ MORE

Help with droop & a few lines! (photos)

I'm interested in what my options are regarding fillers or/or laser treatment. I see tiny vertical lines above my upper lip, droop under my eyes,... READ MORE

What would you recommend for under eye wrinkles: laser, peelings, fillers, or rather Botox again? (photos)

I am in my late twenties and my skin is wrinkle free except for under my eyes. When I smile, I develop crinkles which make me appear a lot older. My... READ MORE

25 years old with wrinkles. Would lasers be beneficial? fraxel? Erbium yag? Polaris wr? Or chemical peels? (photos)

I am 25 years old and finally seeing the effects of tanning bed use of 5 years. I have lines when I smile and one of them stays even when im not... READ MORE

Very apprehensive about perioral laser for wrinkles

The fact is, I'm a scaredy cat, but really want to do something about my perioral wrinkles and skin texture. It's not so much the procedure that... READ MORE

Fastest non surgical treatment for facial wrinkles? (Photo)

Looking to freshen up face esp. under eye bags, lip lines, and jaw area. Would prefer non surgical to start. There are so many fillers, laser... READ MORE

Best treatment option for upper lip wrinkles/vertical lip lines?

I’m 33 & about 2 years ago I started getting top lip wrinkles. They're VERY visible when resting esp. in sunlight.They look like small scars. I’m try... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for under eye laxity and wrinkles? (Photo)

I would like to know if surgery to lift the skin up to the lash line or laser resurfacing or some other option is the most effective in this delicate... READ MORE

I want to get rid of the wrinkles under my eyes; should I go for laser or botox?

I'm 22 years old i want the wrinkles under my eyes to disappear every time i smile all the lines appear is it safe for me to have laser for wrinkles... READ MORE

Filler or Laser? (photos)

Hi, I have so many issues, I don't even know where to start (wrinkles, sagging, volume loss, thinning). I can only afford max. 7-10 days of down time... READ MORE

What causes this level of wrinkling on the feet? (Photo)

I am 30 years old and the tops of my feet are very wrinkled. I have used every kind of lotion imaginable, sleep with socks, keep feetout of the sun.... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to help eliminate undereye wrinkles?

I have had fully ablative CO2 laser to my entire face. I have also had an upper and lower blepharoplasty, and botox to my crows feet. I still have a... READ MORE

What can be done to eliminate wrinkles under my eyes, over the center of my cheeks? (Photo)

I have hollows under my eyes and the skin there is sun damaged. When I smile my i get cracks/wrinkles over the center of my cheeks. I know the crows... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for early wrinkles?

Any specific creams? Or treatments like laser and such? READ MORE

Is There Any Laser Safe for Treating Wrinkles As I Suffer from Dry Eye?

I had lower blepharoplasty over a year ago and since then I have suffered from dry eye. I really want laser done to help eliminate the scars from the... READ MORE

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