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Indented Undereye Lines - Is This Due to Fat Loss?

I am 43 and this started appearing about a year ago. The indented lines are underneath the eye area and run down to my cheek in the form of a long... READ MORE

Sun Damage Indentation Lines to Upper Cheeks

I have indentation lines above the cheek muscle/ below my eyes. I had juverderm to plump but lines are still there. I had 5 IPL treatments previous to... READ MORE

How can I plump out the area at bottom of my cheek, upper jaw area, corners of mouth outward? (Photo)

I have an issue with wrinkling and indentation at the area at the bottom of my cheek just over my upper gum/upper jaw . My doctor who is an... READ MORE

What Should I Do to Diminish a Wrinkle in my Laugh Lines Likely Caused by a Coritsone Injection/cystic Acne?

I am 25 years old, and have suffered from cystic acne for several years. A few months ago I had a horrible cyst in my laugh line , and got in injected... READ MORE

Indent just under the cheekbone mainly on the right side appeared overnight and has gotten dramatically worse within just weeks.

I have been worrying about fine lines appearing under my eyes for the past few months i am only 18 years old which has made this very distressing to... READ MORE

(Athlete/Non-smoker) How to best treat this major facial fat loss and wrinkle appearance ? (photos)

I am 22. I am on PREP. This is me under the WORST lighting possible. Over the past year I seemed to have lost elasticity in my skin. Nasolabial folds... READ MORE

I'm 23 year old w/ nasolabial wrinkle on one side? Or is it not a wrinkle? (photos)

I have recently noticed an indent on one side of my face, in the nasolabial fold. I don't remember it always being there. I am 23 years old. I have a... READ MORE

What treatment would work for around my mouth as I am seeing fine lines particularly on the right side? (photos)

On the right side there is a indentation that I have noticed recently What could I do about this Is my skin bad for age 32 READ MORE

What procedure / products / treatments would best benefit me? (photos)

28 yrs old, hardly any wrinkles, the only treatment Ive done is 1 microdermabrasion. Last week I went to the e.r demanding a cat scan because some... READ MORE

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