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Old looking hands due to excess knuckle skin. Is there a way to make my hands look younger? (Photo)

I would like to know if there is a way to make my hands look younger. Not only do I have prominent veins but the skin on my knuckles is loose causing... READ MORE

Are tretinoids/ retinoids/ adapalene effective against wrinkles on hands, knees?

A plastic surgeon told me that facial skin differs drastically from skin on decolletee, and hands. therefore, surgery cannot be performed on hands -... READ MORE

Is it possible to cure my wrinkles? (Photo)

Now I'm 19 year old and right from my childhood my skin colour is really different comparing to wrinkled in my hands and legs and some part... READ MORE

Is there any way for me to fix my wrinkly hands? (Photo)

I'm a 21 year old male, my hands have been overly wrinkly since I can remember. I had eczema as a child and still have moderately dry skin. I've tried... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old. I have always had very wrinkled hands. I just need advice on what to do. I'm so insecure about them. (Photo)

There has to be a certain procedure that can be done for them. I know you have to accept yourself the way you accepted, but I can't accept my hands... READ MORE

Premature wrinkles - how to prevent them from getting worse?

I am 23 years old with wrinkles that suddenly started to develop 4 months ago. My chest has wrinkles, I have hollow under eyes with creases, upper... READ MORE

Wrinkles and bones shape. How can I get them back in shape? (Photo)

Hi I'm 24 and my weight is 45 ' I had beautiful nd too neat hands but since couple of months my hands getting more n.more wrinkle on hands bone and... READ MORE

I've had really wrinkled hands throughout my life and want something done about it (Photo)

Since I was young I have suffered dry skin and really wrinkled dry hands I've tried everything all the creams but nothing gets rid of wrinkles they... READ MORE

Is Plexr the answer to my wrinkly hands? (Photo) b

I have been advised to have plexr done for my excess wrinkles on my hands is this safe to have. Will I suffer and scarring on my hands from having it... READ MORE

I'm in my Early 20s, Yet I Have the Wrinkled Hands of an 90 Year Old. What Are my Options? (photo)

I'm only 24 years old, and yet I have the wrinkliest hands (and feet) ever. The wrinkles are really serious. I have more lines than my 67 year old... READ MORE

I Have Deep Wrinkles on my Hands and Feet. I'm Only 19 Years Old.

I've always had the wrinkles. I just don't understand why my hands look like I'm 80 or something. I've been to a bunch of... READ MORE

Why are my hands wrinkled? Are there any cures? Surgery? Injections? (photo)

19 && for as long as I can remember, I've had wrinkled fingers. As a kid i was teased and i often cried because i was different. Im still a little... READ MORE

What kind of surgery could get rid of the lines on my hand, and what are the risks?

At present, the degree of skin detect age 18 Lines on the finger joints and back, elbows lines disappear completely full "error rate" Could less than... READ MORE

Why do my hands get so wrinkled after being in water for sometime?

My hands get extremely wrinkled after being used in water for activities such as swimming or doing the dishes. This has happened my whole life. I have... READ MORE

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