Frown Lines + Wrinkle Treatment

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How to Get Rid of Frown Lines from Fat Pockets on Mouth Corners?

I have little pockets of fat on the corners of my mouth where frown lines are beginning to show. I'm only 24, but these little circles are noticeable.... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Glabellar and Forehead Lines?

I have a prominent, curved line between my eyebrows and some new ones in the middle of my forehead. They have not been caused by frowning, which is... READ MORE

What to Do for a Permafrown?

What can be done for a permafrown? I've been told everything from cheek pad removal to botox to filler. READ MORE

What Procedure Should I Have Done to Eliminate Deep-set Forehead/expression Line? (photo)

I am only 18 years old, but I have a very deep forehead line just below my hairline, and a similar one in between my eyes. I guess it's due to the... READ MORE

Getting Jowls, Nasal Labial Folds, Frown Lines. What Should I Do?

I'm getting Jowels, nasial labial folds, and my mouth looks like i'm frowning. Someone suggested ultherapy, but I've read some reviews and not sure... READ MORE

19 with Frown Lines, Eye Wrinkles and Smile Lines, Help?

Im 19, I drink 2 litres of water a day I exercise 3 times a week, I eat well, I take vitamins and Iuse creams such as retin a and vitamin e yet my... READ MORE

I Have Bell Palsy and Can't Use Botox, What Options Do I Have for Wrinkles?

Its around one months that a frown lines appears in my face , and i want to remove it. i have a bell palsy history and I can not use Botox. So please... READ MORE

Help with droop & a few lines! (photos)

I'm interested in what my options are regarding fillers or/or laser treatment. I see tiny vertical lines above my upper lip, droop under my eyes,... READ MORE

What is Best Solution for 85 Year Old Man with Severe Mouth Lines? (photo)

Greetings, my 85 year old dad has severe mouth lines. At his age, he does not want to do a facelift but he wants to do something as the lines are so... READ MORE

I'm only 16. I don't smoke and I'm suffering from wrinkly skin. How can I prevent my frown wrinkles exceeding? (Photo)

I've been to Gp their not any good I take care of my skin and cleanse moisturire twice a day I think I need botox READ MORE

Any suggestions for forehead frown lines?

I am beginning to get frown lines on my forehead, but do not like Botox. Can I rid myself of wrinkles with laser tightening? READ MORE

Is there other ways to get rid of frown lines permanently? I don't think/I'd like to stay away from things like Botox.

I am 18 y/o And recently (1 yr ago) I was prescribed glasses. But before I had glasses I was always frowning so I could concentrate and see better and... READ MORE

I need to know the best (and least expensive) procedure for frown lines?

My main problem is my mouth. I am 58 and have frown lines on each side of my mouth. It's getting really bad FAST and I don't know why. My whole face... READ MORE

Stitches Created Two Wrinkles on my Forehead at Ages 6 and 8. I Have Had Them Since then - Am Now 52. How to Eliminate?

Emanating from the large protuberances on either side of forehead but one scar is higher than other. The wrinkles extend just shy of mid line, the... READ MORE

I am 22 years old and I think I am aging prematurely. I have horrible noticeable lines from frowning/smiling. (Photo)

I went through quite a horrific relationship where i lost alot of weight quite quickly. I was also very stressed out for the duration. Please tell me... READ MORE

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