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How to address heavy under eye wrinkles at 29? Concerned about increased fine lines and folds. (photo)

I had 2 CO2 laser resurfacing treatments (full face) this year for moderate acne scars. I've noticed the number of under eye wrinkles has drastically... READ MORE

What Does Anyone Know About Harvest Tech SmartPrep2 for Filling in Nasolabial Folds? (photo)

I am 33 and for the past 5 years have been getting injections in my nasolabial lines. I swear that something happened with my facial structure while... READ MORE

Folding in the Marionette Lines Area?

I am 41 years old with good skin. However, I am developing folding skin that are going down from the corners of the mouth to the sides of my chin.... READ MORE

Follow up question: Folds under my eyes since I was a child? They resemble Dennie-Morgan Folds. Possible allergies? (photo)

I asked a similar question previously but I've been doing research on the internet so I was curious. I'm 19 so I don't think I should have wrinkle... READ MORE

I have deep cheek folds when I smile and under my eyes all crinkly!!! Any suggestions? (photos)

I need help!!! I have accordion wrinkles going on in my cheeks when I smile and under my eyes....what procedure would get rid of this? READ MORE

Options to get rid of the lines and folds around my nose, lips, chin, and droopy cheeks? (photos)

I am a 40yo athletic woman, with a round face and very plump cheeks, and I have these horrible laugh lines, folds from my nose to my chin now. My face... READ MORE

Will massage help remove this ugly fold? (Photo)

I had a Face, neck, brow lift. and chin implant 8 weeks ago. I developed this fold a few days ago, so today I decided to call my Doctor since my... READ MORE

Nasolabial folds, fine lines under eyes & emerging folds on upper cheeks at age 25 (Photo)

I want to treat my fine lines and folds. Two dermatologists have discouraged me from pursing fillers because of my age, 25. I was prescribed tretinoin... READ MORE

Under eye wrinkles/folds, dark (circles) and bumps. 24. Very depressing. Please help. Pictures smiling and not smiling (Photo)

Thank you looking at my question. And I do appreciate your input. I'm only 24 (male/white). The side with more wrinkles is the left side of my eye . I... READ MORE

What would you recommend for under-eye fold? (photos)

I've recently (in the past few years) noticed that I've developed under-eye creasing/folds. This is especially visible when I smile. While this... READ MORE

What can be done to remedy these skin wrinkles and folds? (Photo)

When I have my head straight, they do not show except as lines. READ MORE

I'm concerned about my under eye fine lines and folds by my cheekbones and mouth (Photo)

I want to treat the fine lines under my eyes, the folds on my cheekbones and my nasiolabial folds. I think they're quite noticeable. Two... READ MORE

Natural Cure for Mouth Fold After Weight Loss?

I was 69kgs 6 months back (female- age 21)), after religious gyming and dieting i am now 55 kgs, evrything was goin fine untill the last 5-6kilos, i... READ MORE

Who is the BEST doctor in the United States that can help me look like a China doll? What are the cost? (photos)

Who is the BEST doctor in the United States that can help me look like a China doll? Need to rid my face of super deep fold lines. Cost & your... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this scarring/fold/wrinkle in between eyebrows? Very insecure and looking for a quick solution (Photo)

Have tried raw honey, botox, and a dermafiller but nothing has worked so far. I have tried microneedling once but am thinking of continuing doing that. READ MORE

Permanent stomach crease line from skin folding. Is there a way I can reduce the appearance of this line? (photo)

I used to be overweight and have really bad posture, and as a result I've noticed that I now have a permanent line on my stomach, which is visible... READ MORE

Dark hole eyes plus severe wrinkles & crows feet under eyes and nasal folds what's the right treatment for me and cost. (Photo)

Plzz suggest me right treatment helli i am 24 and i have dark holes eyes plus severe wrinkles and crows feet under eyes and nasal folds what will be... READ MORE

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