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Can Dermal Fillers Help Undereye Wrinkles?

Before I go for aggressive treatments, I'd like to try out some injectable options for my undereye static fine lines. Is there any injections that... READ MORE

Botox vs Hyaluronic Acid Filler for Nasolabial Lines?

I'm 26 years old, but I can see the nasolabial lines getting deeper and deeper. Will Botox or hyaluronic acid fillers solve this problem? Thank you. READ MORE

I have a "deep " wrinkle in between my eyebrows and above my nose. What is the best filler? (photos)

I have a "deep " wrinkle in between mt eyebrows above my nose. What is the best filler . I tried Botox a few years ago once, but it did not do anything READ MORE

Nasolabial Folds, Under Eyes and Marionette Lines - Filler or Tightening for Me?

It's time. I just turned 40. I'd like to work on my nasolabial, undereye and marionette lines. I've done some research and have looked at... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles?

Hello, how can I get rid of or lesson these wrinkles (when smiling)? I had restylane injected under eyes 3 1/2 weeks ago. I am not interested in Botox... READ MORE

Age 30. Go Ahead and Get the Fillers or Stick with the Glycolic Peels? (photo)

I have one nasolabial fold that is worse than the other side, due to how I slept my ENTIRE LIFE. Which was on the left side. I am wondering if my... READ MORE

I am 25 and have shallow nasolabial folds. Can they be filled in well?

You see, I have been reading up about these folds and fillers getting done for them, and many are saying they can only be reduced, but not eliminated.... READ MORE

What is the best method for me to get rid of the wrinkles under my eyes; Fillers or laser? (photos)

What is the best method for me to get rid of the wrinkles under my eyes? I don't notice them as much when my face is at rest but when I smile they are... READ MORE

How can I get rid of a deep crease under one eye?

Hi - I have a deep crease under one eye. I have tried both Juvaderm and Restalyne. I was not happy with the juvaderm and had it dissolved by another... READ MORE

Folding in the Marionette Lines Area?

I am 41 years old with good skin. However, I am developing folding skin that are going down from the corners of the mouth to the sides of my chin.... READ MORE

Help with droop & a few lines! (photos)

I'm interested in what my options are regarding fillers or/or laser treatment. I see tiny vertical lines above my upper lip, droop under my eyes,... READ MORE

What would you recommend for under eye wrinkles: laser, peelings, fillers, or rather Botox again? (photos)

I am in my late twenties and my skin is wrinkle free except for under my eyes. When I smile, I develop crinkles which make me appear a lot older. My... READ MORE

Any suggestions for deep chin and lip wrinkles? (photos)

I have what I call a Gordon Ramsey chin with deep wrinkles. I have used Botox and filler in the past with very good results but not in the chin area.... READ MORE

I'm 46 and want to treat under eye wrinkles and sagging jowls (Photo)

I have a some under eye wrinkles and crepey skin, a few age spots, some minor acne scars, and sagging jowls and a waddle. I would like to know the... READ MORE

Is Sculptra or Skin-needling Suitable for Treating Dent in Nasolabial Area? Filler Hasn't Worked Too Well. (photo)

Having experienced muscle separation involving the orbicularis oris muscle, I am left with a dent/crease in nasolabial area. I consulted a plastic... READ MORE

What is the best way to get rid of wrinkles just in front of ears? (photos)

I am thinking either a filler which it seems would work but I'm not thrilled about the temporary nature and paying every year to keep it up, or laser... READ MORE

Are there any alternatives to Botox injections for forehead wrinkles?

I received a combined botulinum toxin vaccination years ago when I worked for the state health department. I have tried Botox two different times and... READ MORE

Fastest non surgical treatment for facial wrinkles? (Photo)

Looking to freshen up face esp. under eye bags, lip lines, and jaw area. Would prefer non surgical to start. There are so many fillers, laser... READ MORE

What is the science behind the "Liquid Cone technology" that Rodan and Fields patented for their new Acute Care line?

I have looked all over the web for an explanation but all I find is marketers. I just want to understand the "robotic" technology that drives the... READ MORE

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