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Treatment for Wrinkles Around Mouth and Jowls?

I would like to have something done for wrinkles around my mouth. The lines are from the corner of my mouth leading down to my chin. I also look like... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Vertical Chin Wrinkles?

I just lost 30 pounds (age 54). I was horrified to then discover wrinkles on my chin extending from my jaw to my bottom lip. I had 2 injections (... READ MORE

Recommendations for Improving Bumpy/Aging Chin Area? (photo)

My chin/mouth is the only place where I see notable aging right now, and it really bothers me a lot. What are my best treatment options for improving... READ MORE

Best Wrinkle Treatment for Mouth, Chin and Forehead?

What would be the best procedure for wrinkles around the mouth, chin and forehead? I am 47 yrs old, smoker, soon to be ex smoker? I thought of the... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Facial Wrinkling and Sagging Chin?

I am a very youngish 70 years old and am not happy with the wrinkles on my face and around my eyes, and the sagging on my neck. My skin is light with... READ MORE

Longevity of Under Eye Wrinkle and Sagging Neck Treatment Results?

I had a lower and upper Blepharoplasty 8 years ago. I was very happy amazed with the results, but now, I look bad due to under eye bags again. Upper... READ MORE

What Can I Do About a Very Deep Horizontal Mid Chin Wrinkle?

I am 52 years old and have slept on my face for years READ MORE

Renova for Crepey Chin? (photo)

Hi, I am thinking of using Renova 0.05 for the creepy skin on my chin. It started in the center of my chin about 10 years ago and has slowly gone... READ MORE

Face Wrinkles After Losing 150 Lbs

I have lost 150 lbs. my worst part is my face. the wrinkles is mostly on my chin. I didn't have to have any surgery for the weight lost. I am now 63... READ MORE

Best Skin Tightening Option for my Problem Areas?

I am 48 years old and I've always had pretty apparent nasolabial folds, and over the last 5-6 years a less chiseled chin. I'm not, however, overweight... READ MORE

Permanent Treatment for Lines from Below the Lip to Chin?

I have these lines that start about 1 inch in under my bottom lip and run a few inches down my chin. I used Botox and that helps but I'd like to have... READ MORE

How can I minimize deep, furrowed lines from the corners of my mouth, to the base of my chin? (photos)

I had cystic acne in the soft skin on the sides of my chin. Many of the cysts were injected with steroids to speed their shrinking. Now, at the age of... READ MORE

Any suggestions for deep chin and lip wrinkles? (photos)

I have what I call a Gordon Ramsey chin with deep wrinkles. I have used Botox and filler in the past with very good results but not in the chin area.... READ MORE

Chin wrinkles in a weird way when I smile? (Photos)

So my chin wrinkles in a weird way when I smile. I don't know if I just haven't noticed it for as long as I've been alive or this is something new but... READ MORE

Can I fix my chin wrinkle? (Photo)

On one side of my face there's a prominent line whenever I smile that throws off the balance of my face. It's sort of a dimple/wrinkle hybrid thing... READ MORE

Effective Treatment for Chin Wrinkles?

I have wrinkles in the entire chin area, not around the mouth, what to do? READ MORE

What will eradicate all my upper lip lines and muffin chin? (photos)

Chin lines and pore seem to have formed into lined wringles and getting worse need to know what's best and where to get a good cosmetic surgeon help !... READ MORE

What signs of aging to I have, and am I about right for a 34 year old aging woman?

Same question, as to how far advanced in aging am I for a 34 year old, or do I look like an average 34 aging woman?? What can I do to fix my issue. My... READ MORE

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