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Is Strivectin Better Than Botox?

Strivectin is marketed as being better than botox.  Is this true, that it can offer better help with wrinkling skin and face lines?  If not,... READ MORE

Botox Cream That Works on Wrinkles?

I rather not get botox injections.  is there a botox cream that will work just as well? READ MORE

What is the Best Laser Treatment for Under Eye Wrinkles?

I am 29 years old and have spent the past 2 years trying to freeze the fine lines all along my under eye. I used to use botox but noticed that while... READ MORE

Permanent Frown Line Removal? (photo)

28 year old male. I have a permanent frown line between my eye brows from years of frowning. I've tried botox which helps stop the frowning but... READ MORE

Botox Alternatives for Facial Wrinkles with Long Term Results?

Hi, I am 40 years old, I had Botox once about 2 years ago, I have problems with wrinkles all over my face and specially the upper and under eye area.... READ MORE

Botox for a Six Month Change the Money is a Waste. Looking for a Longer Lasting Option then That?

Looking for a longer lasting option then botox, that is ok if you going to a wedding or something but I'm looking for a more permanent solution such a... READ MORE

I Have Under Eye Wrinkles when I Smile, Is It Better To Have Skin Removed or Filler or Botox (photo)?

Hi Doctors. as normal pretty female i was looking for look enhancement, Im 35 i got Botox for around eyes wrinkles, i have full cheeks so after this... READ MORE

How Effective is GFX in Minimizing Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles?

I have tried Botox to reduce horizontal forehead wrinkles and found it to be very effective. UNFORTUNATELY, its effectiveness starts at 1 week post... READ MORE

I'm a 35 Year Old Female and I'm Very Unhappy with the Line Under my Eyes and Mouth?

I always use moisturizer and sunblock and I look after my skin a lot but I have few fine lines and a couple of very deep lines under my eyes. I have... READ MORE

Anti Wrinkle Products Alternative to Botox?

Hi, please can you help me? I'm 31 years old, Asian, female with fine lines under eyes,  slight creepiness directly under my lower lashline,... READ MORE

Dynamic Crowsfeet. Botox Ineffective. Alternatives?

When I presented for botox the plastic surgeon said that Botox would no longer be effective for my dynamic crowsfeet. I do not have passive crows feet... READ MORE

Treatment for Smile Wrinkles Under Eyes - Fraxel, Filler or Skin Pinch? (photo)

Thank you for answering my previous question. I have been trying botox past 6 month but not much luck... it actually created more deep wrinkles... READ MORE

As I seem to be in the tiny minority on whom Botox does not work what would anybody recommend for my awful eye wrinkles? (Photo)

Myobloc is the only botulism that works & then only for 4-6 weeks. At £400 a pop this isn't a viable solution. I need something more permanant . I am ... READ MORE

How to fix upper lip crease when smiling?

What can be done besides Botox or fillers to fix my crease above my upper lip when I smile? Can any surgical procedures be done with local anesthesia? READ MORE

Deep wrinkles/folds on checks and eyes when smiling. (Photos)

I have big wrinkles under my eyes and on my cheeks, but only when I smile. I am 43 and i dont want to use botox READ MORE

Opinions on Acupuncture and Other Possible Botox Alternatives?

I've seen articles that claim that Acupuncture can be used as a wrinkle treatment because it can train the dynamic facial muscles that cause... READ MORE

Male in 20's - Interested in Fat Injections/Grafting & PRP for Crow's Feet, Wrinkles Under Eyes and Nasal Folds?

Hello, I'm a Male and I'm 24. I've noticed that I have Crows Feet, I think my Nasal Folds are slowly getting deeper and my Eye Bags seem... READ MORE

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