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How to Get Rid of my Forehead's Permanent Deep Vertical Furrow Line? (photo)

Is there a way to get rid of this forehead's permanent deep vertical furrow line. I had it for more than 20 years, and I feel like it's getting more... READ MORE

I have a "deep " wrinkle in between my eyebrows and above my nose. What is the best filler? (photos)

I have a "deep " wrinkle in between mt eyebrows above my nose. What is the best filler . I tried Botox a few years ago once, but it did not do anything READ MORE

Wrinkle Between the Eyes in Young Adult?

How do you get rid of a mild to moderate wrinkle between the eyes on the nasal bridge? I am an Asian mid-twenties female. What are my surgical and... READ MORE

How do you get rid of vertical fine lines in between eyebrows? (Caused by frowning)

Im 25 and over the last year I have started to get vertical "11" fine lines between my eyebrows. This could be from either frowning or looking at the... READ MORE

Botox for a Six Month Change the Money is a Waste. Looking for a Longer Lasting Option then That?

Looking for a longer lasting option then botox, that is ok if you going to a wedding or something but I'm looking for a more permanent solution such a... READ MORE

Is 25 an unusual age to start developing a furrow between the brows? (photo)

I'm 25 and in the last few months I have spotted a furrow developing between my eyebrows. I can't afford expensive skincare products so I use a... READ MORE

Any suggestions for forehead wrinkles and creases between eye brows? (photos)

I am 44 and I have noticed that I'm getting forehead wrinkles and creases in between my eyebrows. What can I do to treat it, non surgical? I have very... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for a forehead wrinkle? (photo)

Hello, I would like to know if you can help me determine what the correct treatment would be for a forehead wrinkle that I have which is located right... READ MORE

How can I get rid of deep glabella (between eye brow) wrinkle? (Photo)

Hi, How can I get rid of deep glabella (between eye brow) wrinkle? My Doctor filled it up with serum in the past, but I believe that made it look... READ MORE

How much does it cost to get rid of this? Please help (Photo)

I am 18 years old , lately I been getting bullied the rest of my friends don't have it .. I am very insecure when my pretty friends look at me face... READ MORE

What can I do to fix the lines between my eyebrows? (photos)

I've had these lines for over 10 years. They make me look mad all the time! I've tried Botox, Restylane and Dysport many times with no improvement.... READ MORE

Are there any alternatives to Botox injections for forehead wrinkles?

I received a combined botulinum toxin vaccination years ago when I worked for the state health department. I have tried Botox two different times and... READ MORE

What is the best way to avoid under-eye wrinkles and cheek wrinkles?

I have just turned 30 and have very sensitive skin. I am beginning to notice the first signs of ageing around my eyes and in between my eyebrows where... READ MORE

Are there any other treatments if Botox doesn't work for me? (photo)

I have had Botox and Dyport twice and it hasn't worked for me at all. I have a deep strong frown line in between my eyes. Are there any other options... READ MORE

I think I have a fine line between one of my eye brows and it's driving me crazy. Any suggestions?

Hi I think I have a fine line between one of my eyebrows and it's driving me crazy since you guys are professionals does it look like a fine line help... READ MORE

Will Faradic Toning toning help with a deep forehead wrinkles and 11s? (Photo)

Will faradic toning help my vertical line midway across my forehead to less than halfway down ? And can it help my frown lines between eyebrows? READ MORE

I Have RA & Can't Use Botox. What is the Best Treatment for Deep Line Between Eyebrows?

I Have RA & Can't Use Botox. What is the Best Treatment for Deep Line Between Eyebrows? READ MORE

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