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Laser or Chemical Peel for Wrinkles Around Mouth and Eyes? (photo)

I am 56 years old and did have a face lift 10 years ago. I suffer with wrinkles around my mouth and eyes ( I have always had lots of movement in my... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Deep Laugh Lines and Vertical Lip Lines?

I am a 62-year-old woman. I have deep laugh lines and vertical lines on the lip. I have tried and tried Botox, even some Juvederm, but I can't see... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Deep Wrinkles Around Sides of Mouth?

I am 64 ex heavy smoker/drinker/partyperson have deep lines at and below corners of mouth. Anything other than surgery than can alleviate most of... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Vertical Chin Wrinkles?

I just lost 30 pounds (age 54). I was horrified to then discover wrinkles on my chin extending from my jaw to my bottom lip. I had 2 injections (... READ MORE

Age 60: Sudden Thin, Fine Vertical Lines on Cheeks - Cause and What to Do?

Have been using ProX age repair lotion and wrinkle smoothing cream for about 90 days. All of a sudden I have several thin fine vertical lines on the... READ MORE

Treatments of Wrinkles for a 60-yr-old Woman?

A 60-yr-old woman wanna remove her glabella lines on her front head, wrinkles on her mouth sides and ends of her eyes. Which treatments should she... READ MORE

What is Best Laser Treatment for Deep Wrinkles in Forehead? Botox Gives and Angry Look. Had an Endoscopic Brow Lift?

Resulted in hair loss and had little effect on the wrinkles or raising of the brow. Is it possible to have laser performed on only portions of the... READ MORE

What treatment would help with lines on my upper lip?

I am 61 yrs old, will be turning 62 in January :(! Not to sound vain but I've been told I look 50 (ish). I want to know what treatment would help with... READ MORE

I have wrinkles on my legs and arms. What can I use to make them disappear?

I don't lay in the sun. I'm 59 years old. I also have wrinkles on my upper lip and I don't smoke . I need to know what I can use for these problems. READ MORE

Face Wrinkles After Losing 150 Lbs

I have lost 150 lbs. my worst part is my face. the wrinkles is mostly on my chin. I didn't have to have any surgery for the weight lost. I am now 63... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Deep Laugh Lines in a Black Male?

Which filler offers the best treatment for deep laugh lines in a 59 year old black male? READ MORE

What treatment is best for severe facial wrinkles?

I am 59 years of age and have severe wrinkles all over my face . am confused as to where I should start looking for treatment as I cannot bear to look... READ MORE

How can I minimize deep, furrowed lines from the corners of my mouth, to the base of my chin? (photos)

I had cystic acne in the soft skin on the sides of my chin. Many of the cysts were injected with steroids to speed their shrinking. Now, at the age of... READ MORE

Repairing wrinkles in Front of ears,

Hello, I am a 56 year old who is interested in repairing wrinkles in front of my ears, How much time does a procedure take and about what cost. I will... READ MORE

Wrinkled skin on upper arms-even with good biceps. Any suggestions? (photos)

59 yrs old. Bulimic since 15. Have it controlled somewhat, but I still purge. Runner (29 yrs, step aerobics 25 yrs/weights 25 yrs). Exercise along... READ MORE

My neck is burned and wrinkled. What should I do? (Photo)

I am 63 years old and use retinol with moisturizer every night in my neck. Some times i use a very small amount of tretinoin also combined with... READ MORE

How Long Should I Use Differin to Reduce Wrinkles , Before It Damages my Skin? I'm 60 Yrs. Young and my Skin is Thinner Than It.

How Long Should I Use Differin to Reduce Wrinkles , Before It Damages my Skin? I'm 60 Yrs. Young and my Skin is Thinner Than It. READ MORE

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