Weight Loss Videos

3 Doctor Approved Reasons to Love CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is being advertised everywhere, but does it really work and is it really worth it? Dr. Narin Apisarnthanarax thinks so. VIEW NOW


Lymphedema After Breast Cancer: What It Is and How to Treat It

Dr. Robert Whitfield discusses a condition called lymphedema, its causes, available treatments, and the relationship it has with lipedema. VIEW NOW

Kybella Treatment Demonstration: See the Before & After Results

Dr. Brian Arslanian demonstrates the Kybella procedure on a live patient, along with follow up pictures and results. VIEW NOW


Lap-Band Surgery Allowed Morgan to Lose 103 Pounds in 1 Year

Dr. Shawn Garber used the SILS technique, "single incision lap-band surgery", on Morgan so scarring would not be an issue in her lap-band surgery. This surgery generally involve less pain and little-to-no scarring. VIEW NOW

Lap-Band Surgery: Maria Shares Her Experience After Losing 90 Pounds

Dr. Shawn Garber shares this video of Maria, who underwent a lap-band surgery to lose weight. VIEW NOW

Doug Lost 275 Pounds With Gastric Bypass Surgery

Dr. Shawn Garber shares this video of a previous patient, Doug. Doug shares his story and experience with gastric bypass surgery. VIEW NOW

This Woman Shares Her Experience After Losing 110 Pounds With Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery

The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, commonly called gastric bypass, is a popular weight loss surgery that has been referred to as the gold standard of bariatric surgery. Dr. Shawn Garber's patient shares her experience after the procedure. VIEW NOW

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Vanquish ME With Cellutone Combination Treatment for Fat Reduction

Dr. Shelena Lalji demonstrates Vanquish, which is a painless and non-invasive treatment that precisely targets heat into the fat layer while protecting surrounding skin. When combined with BTL Cellutone the results for fat reduction are improved. VIEW NOW

Why Is Stable Weight Important After Surgery?

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses why your weight should stay stable after surgery and what the benefit is of doing that. VIEW NOW

Liposuction—Is It a Permanent Procedure?

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses liposuction surgery and whether it is a permanent procedure. VIEW NOW

Coolsculpting for Body Contouring

Dr. Jaime Schwartz discusses Coolsculpting, which is a non-invasive procedure lasting an estimated 60 minutes. This is a fat reduction technology that can be done in the male chest area, hips, stomach and thighs. VIEW NOW

Why Did I Gain Weight After My Surgery?

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses having surgery and the issue of gaining weight early after having surgery. VIEW NOW

See a SculpSure for Stubborn Fat

Dr. Dilip Madnani and his staff explain the SculpSure treatment while demonstrating the procedure on a friend. VIEW NOW

See the Kybella Injection Procedure for Stubborn Stomach Fat

Dr. Michael Dobryansky shares a portion of this treatment session for stubborn tummy fat. It is not a substitute for liposuction, but can be used in certain cases or as an adjunct to liposuction. VIEW NOW

Breast Lift and Arm Lift Surgery After Massive Weight Loss (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Tom J. Pousti shares this video of a woman undergoing a breast and arm lift surgery to tighten loose skin after weight loss. VIEW NOW