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What Procedures Do You Recommend After Losing 100 Pounds?

I'm 23 yrs. old, 5'5" tall and 145 pounds. My maximum weight was 250 lbs. I started to go on a diet about 6 yrs. ago, I lost 60 pounds... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Get 6 Pack Abs?

Hi everyone, I have been trying these for months and months but it doesn’t help me anymore. I am talking about six pack abs that I am trying to... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Method for Stomach and Breast Reduction?(photos)

A little over 2 years ago I weighted in at 330lbs, and decided that it was time to get my life back in order. Today I currently weigh about 190lbs,... READ MORE

Loose Skin After Massive Weight Loss. What Are My Options?

I dont want girls laughing at my loose skin, I thought being in a band would help my confidence but it has not. i have lost weight went from 90kg to... READ MORE

Will antacids like Hydrosil with Simethicone cause weight loss by reducing the absorption of calories?

Antacids reduce stomach acid so they make you feel less hungry and will absorb less calories due to less digestion? READ MORE

How likely is it for my skin to shrink back after 125lb weight loss? (photos)

I am 21 years old. I have had two kids. I was 280lbs at my heaviest. I am now 155lbs. I have maintained this weight for a couple months now and have a... READ MORE

How do I know if this is fat or skin? Feel like body is worse after losing 130lbs. Scale says progress but not looks? (Photos)

I started at 315lbs and have went down to 175lbs within a year due to diet and cardio. Everyone is telling me this is lose skin on my arm, thighs,... READ MORE

How will my body turn out after I lose weight?

I am 15 years old. My current weight is 200 lbs. I am 5'9 and mostly all of my weight is shown in my torso area. This resulted in me having stretch... READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend for a large apron stomach that is causing hygiene issues?

I weighed 373 pounds, I have bounced between 250 and 290 for years. I have a huge apron stomach now and problems controlling my diabetes, and have... READ MORE

I seem to only be losing belly fat. Why?

I know that losing a couple extra pounds and keeping some of my curves shouldn't be a problem, but I've lost around 10 lbs in the past 3-4 weeks and... READ MORE

Where is this fat coming from when I lay down on my stomach? (Photo)

I've always had pain in my lower back. Whenever I sit down for too long or lay on my stomach or side, the pain feels worse. I've been dieting and... READ MORE

Can a Light-pressure Elastic Girdle Help Prevent a Nasty Flap of Stomach Skin from Hanging Loose After Significant Weight Loss?

The thought has occurred that part of the reason a large flap of loose skin might linger after significant weight loss is that gravity tugs at the... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Get Lipo Injections (Oil-Based Substance) on my Stomach?

I get the b12 injections for energy at a weight losd clinic. What I really want to know is it ok to get a lipo injection on my stomach . They are... READ MORE

HGH injection for fat burn?

I've been asking around a lot and would like to hear this from a doctors point of view. If I went into a course taking HGH, while already training and... READ MORE

The only part im not happy with now is my stomach. Is This Fat or Loose Skin? Whatever It Is, What Can I Do? (photo)

I lost 7 stone in 2 years and the only part im not happy with now is my stomach. Im not sure whether what i see is fat or lose skin. I workout out 4... READ MORE

What happens to the silicone after it get injected into the stomach through the mouth?

My friend is over weight and tried so many diffrent ways to loose it and couldnt.. she heard about the silicone injection through the mouth to the... READ MORE

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