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Best Treatment for Muffin Top?

I had Lapband gastric banding and have lost 90 pounds. I feel wonderful but have a muffin top. My problem is the loose skin around my waist, not the... READ MORE

What Kind of Plastic Surgery is Common After Massive Weight Loss?

What kind of surgery is recommended for extra skin on the legs and stomach that didn't go away after losing a lot of weight? READ MORE

Should the heart be checked After Massive Weight Loss (before plastic surgery)?

What are the risks associated with undergoing plastic surgery after a massive weight loss? Are bodies that have been through a drastic change weight,... READ MORE

**NWS** 35 yr old 5'7 female looking for advice after 100 lbs weight loss. Any suggestions? (photos)

I took a slow weight loss journey and arrived at the 100 lbs club. At my highest recorded weight, I was 230 and at my lowest (140 lbs). I wasn't... READ MORE

Will I have loose skin?

I'm 6'1 245 pounds and I'm 18 I was wondering if I were to go down to 180 pounds will I have loose skin because I have seen people with extra skin... READ MORE

BMI Accuracy

I lost ten stone over a four year period and kept it off for ten years. I recently lost two stone more and am now 11st7 and 5'4. My Bmi is 28 but is... READ MORE

As a plastic surgeon have you noticed a difference between diet and the effect it has in skin?

My sister and I lost a lot of weight. I lost 130 and she lost 120 lbs. I am 25, she is 27. She cut calories drastically with cardio. I ate low carb... READ MORE

How should I calculate an ideal/goal weight that considers muscle mass?

I'm 5'7", have lost 110 pounds without medical supervision for weight loss or any surgery and when staying on track am losing 3 to 5 pounds per week.... READ MORE

I have lost about 200 pounds with diet and exercise alone. Can excess "gut" flab cause a hernia?

I have lost about 200 pounds with diet and exercise alone and have a lot of skin hanging in my mid section with most of it sagging in front of my... READ MORE

To lose 35 kg and consequences

I am 28 years old, my weight 112 kg and my height is 1,78 . I started a food plan + exercising two weeks ago and my goal is to lose around 35 kg. to... READ MORE

How to lose Massive Weight without surgery?

Some people are not a good candidate for surgical weight loss, so how would they achieve massive weight loss? READ MORE

Is Massive Weight Loss Often Associated with Depression?

What types of treatments are effective to counteract this depression? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Healthy, Massive, Weight Loss on the Atkins Diet?

Is the Atkins diet designed for massive weight loss? What types side effects are to be expected? Is this a good option? READ MORE

How Can I Prevent Hair Loss After my Weight Loss Surgery?

How often do people lose their hair after they have bariatric surgery? READ MORE

How much weight would be attributed to excess skin after massive weight loss?

Since April 2013 I've gone from a size 24/26 CDN to a size 16 today from merely eating breakfast and following the food guide and riding my bike. I... READ MORE

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