Voluma Videos

How Voluma Treats Hollow Temples — See This Woman's Results

What can Voluma do for facial hollows? Dr. Brian Arslanian has the answer. VIEW NOW


What If I Don't Like My Voluma Injection? is It Reversible?

Dr. Lorrie Klein explains the unique trait of hyaluronic acids, which is that they are dissolvable. VIEW NOW

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Voluma Injection Sites Mapped on the Face

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan explains using a model her approach for injecting Voluma, a facial filler used for the cheeks, under the eyes, and around the mouth. VIEW NOW

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How to Add Volume to the Face

Doctor Candance Kimbrough-Green discusses how to prevent losing volume in the face and how to add it back in once you do. VIEW NOW

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Treat Voulme Loss With Voluma

Dr. Alex Eshaghian discussed Voluma and how it's used to treat volume loss in the midface and provide overall facial rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

Hand Rejuvenation With Voluma

Dr. Alex Eshaghian injects Voluma into the hand to provide volume to the skin. Voluma tends to last longer than some other fillers for this purpose. VIEW NOW

Filler Injections for Your Face and Eyelids: A Doctor Explains

Dr. Ray Taban explains his approach offers some tips on different fillers for the face and around the eyes and eyelids to achieve the best, natural results. VIEW NOW

The Advantages of Visiting a Surgeon for Cosmetic Fillers

Dr. Amiya Prasad responds to a woman who received Restylane Lyft injections in her temples two weeks ago and experienced nodules. He explains the advantages of seeking treatment from surgeons due to their experience and knowledge of anatomy. VIEW NOW

Is it Safe to use Radiesse After Voluma?

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews a question about cosmetic fillers, explaining how fillers are chosen for different treatment areas, discussing safety issues and advising next steps. VIEW NOW

Juvederm: Types and Uses

Dr. Victor Chung discusses the Juvederm family of fillers: Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC and Juvederm Voluma XC. All three fillers vary in thickness for use in different areas of the face. VIEW NOW

Softening the Face With Juvederm

Dr. Shaun Patel injects a 41-year-old woman in the temples with Juvederm. She was previously treated with Voluma to the midface and cheek area. VIEW NOW

This Woman Loves Her Liquid Facelift — See How the Procedure Lifts, Smooths, and Reshapes

Dr. Walton Montegut performed a liquid facelift adding volume with Voluma and Juvederm to this woman's cheeks and chin area. Botox is injected to remove wrinkles. VIEW NOW

Fillers and Their Differences

Live from Vegas at VCS 2016, Dr. Sherly Soleiman lists some facial fillers and describes their attributes. VIEW NOW

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How to Look 10 Years Younger Without Surgery

Dr. Adriana Holy explains procedures for looking younger, live from Vegas at VCS 2016. VIEW NOW

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A More Youthful Face — Learn About Voluma

Live from Vegas at VCS 2016, Dr. Susan Van Dyke answers questions about how to look younger VIEW NOW