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How Do I Know if I Have Vitiligo?

I look at pictures of Vitiligo and they don't resemble what I have. My Family Doctor said it was, but said don't worry about it. I have TINY(freckle... READ MORE

Is Blotchy Skin a Sign of Vitiligo?

Hello, I'm 21 year old African American. It wasn't until my sister aked why my skin was so blotchy. I have light spots a shade or two lighter than my... READ MORE

White Spots Develpoing All over my Body - Is This Vitiligo?

I had some white spots arount belly when I was young and went to several years of UVA light treament some years back. Now small white spots are... READ MORE

Do I have vitiligo? I have spots on my chest that aren't completely white but they are shades lighter than my skin. (Photo)

I will attach pictures so you can see. I have spots on my chest that aren't completely white but they are shades lighter than my skin which makes it... READ MORE

I have tiny spots on my face. They're lighter than my skin but I think it's vitiligo (Photo)

What is it? Do it go away? How long dose to take to go away? What cream can i use? READ MORE

What can really be done for vittiligo when the child is 6? (photos)

When my baby was three she got one light spot on her face. Now she is 6 and it is all over her face. I have no idea hiw she got it cus no one else in... READ MORE

Can I still have vitiligo?

I have had light patches of my skin show up and I ended up having a spot on my hand biopsied. It showed low amounts of melanocytes and some... READ MORE

Could or would hepatitis c bring on or contribute to vitiligo (light spots on skin)? (Photos)

I have numerous light spots/patches mostly on my hands but a few smaller patches in other places; two. I very recently have had a hep c test which i... READ MORE

How to tell if the lighter spots on my skin are normal?

I have these lighter spots on my face. I am scared of vitiligo. I have talked to a couple dermatologist and they say I don't. I just noticed another... READ MORE

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