Pigmentation + Vitiligo

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Best Treatment for Uneven Skin Pigmentation Due to Vitiligo?

I have vitiligo and at one point had a laser treatment named B-clear. The colour did come back, but not evenly. My facial skin is a combination of... READ MORE

Any 'Semi-permanent' Full Body Depigmentation for Vitiligo?

Hello I'm fifteen, and I developed vitiligo at 13. The vitiligo covers over 20% of my body, and I've been unresponsive to treatment. The... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Tattoo Vitiligo with Pigment Matching Patients Own Skin Color?

Tattooing is one of many options as a treatment for vitiligo. At least it can cover the defect if not 'treat' the disease. To my knowledge... READ MORE

Are There Products or Treatments to Increase Melanin Production?

Are there treatments out there or products available to increase the melanin production of your skin? READ MORE

Vitiligo Treatment

A year before I noticed a small white patch on my right foot about 1 cm dia and recently on wrist & pubic area dermalogist confirmed vitiligo and... READ MORE

Does Flip-top Pigment Transplantation Work to Repigment Skin?

I just read that it's a procedure which could fix my specific issue, hopefully a doctor could confirm the 'validity' of this procedure and whether or... READ MORE

Is this vitiligo? Or scar tissue? Will the pigment return to my lips? (photos)

For the past month and a half my lips had been habitually dry and peeling. I got into the habit of biting and peeling the skin constantly. So a patch,... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with vitiligo my junior year in high school, I'm now 32 & no longer have any pigment on my body. Is that common?

It started on my fingertips and worked its way around my body from there. I'm now 32 & no longer have any pigment on my body, besides a few small... READ MORE

If I get a tattoo on the upper bicep area, or any where, could the Vitiligo make the tattoo fade?

Hi Docs, tattoos, for better for worse, are very popular. I am a very pale skinned caucasian male with widespread Vitiligo, though, through vigilant... READ MORE

Is there any treatment to help with Vitiligo?

I am in my late thirties and as of last year I started noticing light color patches on my face and fingers what can I do to help regain pigmentation READ MORE

Big white patch in lower face, losing pigmentation. Could this be vitiligo or something else? Please help (Photo)

People notice and comment on my whiteness/paleness or rather loss of pigmentation around my mouth which starts at each side of my nostrils then split... READ MORE

I have areas of 'no pigmentation' or white patches on my face. I am told this is vitiligo (Photo)

I have spent money on light therapy by skin doctor, its $200 per treatment, very expensive to repeat weekly. what is the success rate for this... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove the remaining pigment from my legs?

I have vitiligo. I suppose I am a lucky one as most of the pigment on my face, arms and upper body is gone. However my legs are still very spotted. I... READ MORE

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