Male Voice: Through some advances in technology, there is an elegant but incredibly simple device, which now effectively reduces the thickness of fat in the belly, the love handles and the back; through a treatment performed in the office without anesthesia, without sedation, without recovery and that really is effective.

It's based on a really simple concept; that fat is more susceptible to cold than is skin. So, this device made by a company known as Zeltiq, has a suction cup that draws a fold of skin and fat into this suction cup, and it cools it down. And the skin is not injured. That the fat undergoes a slow process of breakdown, where over the period of the next three months or so, up to 20% of the layer of that fat thickness will decrease.

Is it safe? There've been extensive safety studies done, first in the laboratory, and then in experimental subjects that shown there have no serious consequences at all from doing this treatment.

Where does the fat go? Well, the body breaks it down very slowly as opposed to surgical procedures where there's injury to a lot of tissue at one time. This is a very gradual change. The treatment takes anywhere between two and four hours to do depending on how large the area is; and the results tend to be seen typically about three months after treatment. You'll see some results prior to that, but maximum results at about three months.

With more than one treatment, results will be additive. Due to technical limitations, we're not yet able to treat the saddlebags or outer thigh area yet, and it cannot treat the inner thigh or arms well either.

With modifications of the technology, these treatments will be possible in the near future as well. There is no anesthesia, no injections, you don't have to take medications before or special medications after; you just resume your normal activities following your Zeltiq treatment.

Sometimes while people are in the office undergoing Zeltiq treatment, they'll also choose to undergo Thermage treatment, injections or in some other way take advantage of some time spent with us. But you can simply relax and enjoy the treatment. If you've thought about getting those troublesome areas treated in the belly, love handles or back, Zeltiq may be a good option for you.



Doctor Brian Biesman discusses CoolSculpting.