What is an auto augmentation mastopexy?

Some mastopexy patients lack enough breast tissue to create upper-pole fullness with a mastopexy procedure. An auto augmentation mastopexy is designed to use lower-pole tissue that would normally be discarded to create upper pole fullness postoperatively. In this operation, the lower-pole tissue instead of being removed is mobilized but left attached to the chest wall to provide blood supply. That tissue is then tunneled behind the breast into the upper pole where it is sutured to the pectoralis fascia to hold it in place. This is an excellent technique for creating lasting upper-pole fullness in patients who prefer not to have an implant, who do not want breast volume as large that would be created by a breast implant.

I've been using this technique for three years now and it creates beautiful results that, on the OR table, look as though an implant might have been placed. The long-term result is natural upper-pole fullness that matches the rest of the breast proportions.

Ask your plastic surgeon about this procedure if you feel that you might not have enough breast tissue to create upper-pole fullness postoperatively but you would prefer not to have a breast implant placed as part of the procedure.

Your Own TIssue Can Provide the Illusion of a Breast Implant!

Dr. Michael Law describes an auto-augmentation mastopexy uses lower pole tissue to create upper pole fullness in mastopexy patients. This surgery can be performed on mastopexy patients who lack enough breast tissue to create upper pole fullness.