Many women come to see me and say, "You know, I want my breasts lifted, and I want you to put them under my chin." I jokingly say to them, "Well, they won't stay there. And it'll interfere with your eating habits." You know, they all want their breasts as high as they can get them because they're afraid that over a period of time they're going to drop. And they don't want to have to have the operation again.

Well, unfortunately, and I joked with one woman once, I said, "Well, do you want me to put a steel I-beam underneath there to hold it up?" And she looked at me and she said, "Yeah, that would be fine." And I said, "Well, really, really wait. We can't do that." But no matter how high I lift your breast, over a period of time your breast is going to heal, tissues are going to soften, and it's going to settle. So it's never going to stay as high as we put it in the beginning.

Great Breast-pectations: They'll Never Be as High as They Were in the Beginning

You won't believe what some women are willing to do to maintain high breasts! Dr. Paul Vitenas discusses a few of the cases he has been involved with and why it's natural to allow the breasts to settle.