Certainly everyone contemplating liposuction is interested in what is the recovery like. Liposuction recovery, in my practice, the first period is approximately five days. One pretty much stays housebound for the first three days and whereas a girdle after that one can drive a car four to five days. The major amount of swelling is from fluid that is taken into the body, injury fluid that is taken out of the blood stream. Therefore, people are pretty thirsty after liposuction. Whatever you do, don't get on a scale immediately after a liposuction. You are probably 10 to 15 pounds [inaudible 00:00:45] water weight and you will dumb most of that in the fifth to seventh day postop. Some people can get up and move around and do well at three days. For some it takes five days. Rarely does it take more than five days. Being homebound does not mean you lay in bed and do nothing or you will get clots in your legs. You have to move around a little bit. Liposuction is an aggressive process, which leads to a lot of swelling. The good news is the nerve endings get beat up so much they don't fire so it's not too painful after liposuction. It's more numb, which is a strange feeling.

You'll Likely Weigh 10 Pounds Heavier After Liposuction — Here's Why

Dr. Larry Schlesinger explains the recovery process after liposuction, advising patients not to step on a scale.