Dr. Michael Epstein: Hi. I'm Dr. Michael Epstein and I'm going to answer a question in RealSelf that read as follows. Will rhinoplasty results last a lifetime or should a patient expect changes as he or she ages? That's a pretty good question. In the first year of course after having rhinoplasty surgery there's going to be some post-operative changes that are going to occur. Sometimes that could be even up to a year and a half depending on how much correction was necessary. Once the nose is completely healed the results are pretty long-lasting. Of course with everybody whether you've had rhinoplasty surgery or not there are age-related changes that occur to the face. And when I say the face I'm talking both the soft tissue and the skeletal framework of the face and the nose is not excluded from this process. The one good thing about having rhinoplasty surgery is that your nose will seem to be less affected by the aging process. So I hope this answers your question. The changes should be long term if not permanent. Thank you.

Will My Rhinoplasty Results Last a Lifetime?

Dr. Michael Epstein answers a question from a RealSelf user regarding whether rhinoplasty results will last a lifetime.