[Will my breast implants pop if. . . ?]

Breast implants are very resilient, so you can actually, literally put it, and stomp on it, on the floor, and they will not break. So, putting it on the floor will not break. Your seatbelt in the car, that you're wearing, if you get into an accident, will very, very, very unlikely to rupture your breast implant.

The third thing that I hear a lot is whether or not manipulation during sex is going to make them pop, and that never happens. Never had that happen. Two other things that most people ask me, whether or not pregnancy will pop them. Just because your breasts are getting larger or smaller during pregnancy, does that mean you're going to get a leak in them? That does not either.

The most common reason for implants to leak is whether or not the pocket was done properly, and whether or not there's a little bit of a fold in the implant, so it keeps rubbing on itself. So, if the pocket is done perfectly, the chances of that happening are a lot less. It's never zero, but it's a lot less.

Similarly, with saline implants, in particular, if the valve itself, which is what we use to fill an implant with, can leak. If that does leak, you have to change the implants. Rare, but it does happen.

Will My Breast Implants Pop If... ?

The thought of a breast implant popping has crossed the mind of every woman who has them. Dr. Kevin Tehrani puts our minds at ease.