In terms of the various types of implants that one can use, there are anatomic implants versus round. Sientra has a new implant out. It's anatomic. One must be very precise in making the pocket to accommodate this type of implant so as to avoid the complication of it turning. That was a problem with other implants in the past. I like the Sientra implants and I use them, but I tend to use still a round implant. I think it's probably my concern that they might turn. even though they say if you make your pocket precise, it won't. But I've liked the material, I like the feel of the Sientra, but I still tend to use round so as to avoid any potential turning. I do tend to see a lot of patients who come in for revision breast surgery and they've already have a pocket made. Sometimes, for example, they might have had it on top of the muscle, now I'll put it underneath the muscle on that lateral pocket is made, so it's already quite wide. So one needs to be very careful with an anatomic implant in that situation because it may turn.

Will My Anatomical Breast Implant Turn Over Time?

Dr. Christine Rodgers expresses her concerns over potential rotation of the new anatomical breast implants.